The U.S. Hitter-based Hand Tools Market is set to reach a Market Value of US$ 687.1 Million by 2028

October 9, 2019 Editor 0

Hand tools are widely used for a range of applications in industries, households, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Over the years, hand tool manufacturers have continually focused on the development of hand tools with improved ergonomics and customer experience. Further, as some projects require frequent use of hand tools, producing stable, easy-to-use, and effective hand tools […]

Acid Battery

Global Lead Acid Batteries Market Likely to Hit the US$ 95~ Mark by 2027

September 27, 2019 Editor 0

Lead acid batteries have been extensively used across industries since its inceptions, from being used to power lights in train carriages to being considered being used in electric automotives. After the integration of the lead grid lattice, the commercialization and mass production of the lead acid batteries led to their wide spread popularity in during […]

Cathodic Protection

Surge in Infrastructure Development Projects Worldwide Propel Demand for Cathodic Protection

September 25, 2019 Editor 0

Controlling and preventing corrosion on the surface of the metal is critical. However, owing to the rising corrosion preventions costs, adoption of cost-effective and efficient corrosion prevention technologies witnesses a rapid growth. Thus, the demand for cathodic protection observed a noteworthy growth in the last decade – a trend expected to continue in the upcoming […]

Underground Mining Equipment Producers Grasping Smart Technologies to Improve Wellbeing

September 9, 2019 Editor 0

Underground mining equipment fundamentally relies upon petroleum products for material administration and heating. Consideration of big ventilation systems to take out undesirable particles from passages adds to the expenses of mining equipment. To counter the disturbing circumstance, producers are worried about accelerating their contributions in the underground mining equipment portfolio inside the following couple of […]

Geographical Focus and Boom in Replacement Market for Telehandlers Likely to Surge the Demand for Telehandlers

September 6, 2019 Editor 0

A telehandlers is a type of construction equipment that is used as a utility lifting machine, usually equipped with a telescopic boom that can lift loads, mounted on a four-wheel drive chassis. With varied lifting capacities and lift heights, telehandlers are designed for maintenance applications, construction applications, and material handling at worksites. Steel bodywork, 4-wheel […]

Commercial Refrigeration Compressors Market with a value CAGR of higher then 4% over 2019-2029

September 6, 2019 Editor 0

Future Market Insights delivers key insights on the global commercial refrigeration compressors market, in its latest report titled, ‘Commercial Refrigeration Compressors Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014–2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019–2029′. The global demand for commercial refrigeration compressors is expected to show promising growth, with a value CAGR of higher then 4% over 2019-2029. An increase […]

Increasing Concerns Regarding Drinking Water Quality Likely to Surge the Demand for Backflow Preventers

September 3, 2019 Editor 0

A backflow preventer is a special-purpose device used for protection against the undesirable reversal in the flow of water. Backflow preventers are primarily used in sewer, wastewater, residential, sprinkler, and irrigation backflow applications. The risk of drinking water quality being affected due to from backflow contamination incidents is the key factor driving the demand for […]

Progressive Outlook for End-Use Industries Expected to Create Substantial Opportunities for the Carbon Brush Market

September 3, 2019 Editor 0

Future Market Research’s new market research report titled, ‘Carbon Brush Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014–2018 and Market Forecast 2019–2029′, scrutinizes the carbon brush market, and offers critical insights for the forecast period between 2019 and 2029. As per the report, the global carbon brush market is projected to observe remarkable growth during the forecast period, […]