Why Food Brands are Ditching Traditional Ways of Operation

March 30, 2017 Malar kodi 0

The food processing industry is in transition, as producers shift towards more customer-centric approaches. Today, brands have epitomised the idea of offering safe and high-quality products. Consumers across the globe have become increasingly conscious about health and subsequently prefer healthier food options. Which is why brands are remodelling their marketing strategies to sustain the growing […]

In the Modern World, Food Labelling is more Than Just a law

March 23, 2017 Chirag Tripathi 0

In a fast moving lifestyle that demands on-the-go solutions, packaged food has become a norm. Undoubtedly, the food and beverage industry has relished the new social change. This massive business opportunity, though, has attracted a large number of investors, inevitably creating more competition. Therefore, it was believed that the key to success is to offer […]


March 8, 2017 Malar kodi 0

The food industry has been changing dramatically over more than a century. However, the past few decades have seen dynamically evolving trends in food and beverage production, processing, retail, and consumption. As the New Year has taken off very well, we believe this is the right time to throw a light on the top trends […]