Venstar’s HVAC Solution Facilitates Management of Energy Usage and Costs

Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., based in Stockton, California, is challenged to find a method for remote monitoring of HVAC equipment of its customers, and helping them in managing their energy costs and usage. The company then turned toward Skyport Cloud Services of Venstar for aiding them in their search. With the essential need for reliable air conditioning in areas such as Stockton, remote access to Wi-Fi thermostats of customers ensures proper working of HVAC system, while providing indoor comfort devoid of making service calls.

With the help of Venstar’s cloud solutions, Queirolo’s team has been enabled to remotely access the residential as well as commercial Wi-Fi thermostats from the web directly, or utilizing free Skyport mobile application on mobile devices. Availability of choice of accessing customer’s thermostats has made it easy for Queirolo’s team to troubleshoot HVAC units and monitor thermostats remotely.

The company installed nearly 90 Venstar Wi-Fi thermostats for controlling HVAC equipment for gym, kitchen, and classrooms, in a local school as a trial. The team used Skyport Cloud Services for ensuring indoor comfort meanwhile monitoring energy usage. The installation included return duct sensors, Wi-Fi sensors, and supply air sensors of Venstar. These sensors offer information of air temperatures, enabling the Queirolo’s team to monitor health of HVAC equipment at several different locations in the school, remaining alert in case of any issues.

Such solutions being introduced for HVAC monitoring, though at regional level, is expected to make a huge impact on demand for HVAC systems and their integral components such as HVAC filters. Queirolo’s team is now capable of accessing the customers’ thermostats with the aid of Skyport for examining indoor and supply air temperatures. They are also helping diagnose potential issues prior to dispatching service trucks, thereby reducing on-site visits.

Queirolo’s team appreciates the flexibility security features of the thermostats, which enable users in adjusting temperatures on thermostats within set range. HVAC equipment cannot operate for more than 4 hours in the override mode, which further helps in reducing energy costs. ColorTouch and Explorer thermostats of Venstar have been deemed to deliver an accurate and smooth operation, reliable security and ease of programmability. One of the most attractive features of the Skyport Cloud Services of Venstar is that these can be employed on mobile devices or computers, devoid of cost for service or the application.