US Urges Canada to Ban Huawei in the Country

Following the arrest of Huawei CFO, two US senators have urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban the Chinese-based telecommunications company in Canada. Allegations laid on Huawei by the US government accused the company of spying for the Chinese government. Security experts suggest the China-based telecommunications firm can aid Beijing during a war. With the sophisticated technology in Beijing’s possession, China can infiltrate businesses, telecommunication networks, power grids, and other forms of technology through Huawei. The foreign exploitation can prove disastrous and can lead to wiping out the country’s nuclear capabilities.

The Canadian intelligence agencies have backed US’s viewpoints and are imploring PM Trudeau to take the appropriate course of action. Following the allegations, Australia and New Zealand have banned Huawei from developing high-speed fifth-generation networks in the country. The USA is of the opinion that China is planning to use Huawei’s stronghold in the Canadian market to infiltrate the security systems of the country. Huawei is the largest telecommunications firm in the world and was founded by Ren Zhenfei, a former military technologist in China’s People Liberation Army. Experts suggest that the banning of Huawei in Canada is highly unlikely since Trudeau will look to avoid confrontation with Beijing.

Currently, Huawei has been contracted to provide the infrastructure required for operating the telecommunications network in the country. Further, the company provides services required to aid research and development in Canadian universities and also holds a major share of the cloud storage systems market in the country.

The China-based firm has also donated millions of dollars to multiple universities such as the University of British Columbia and the University of Regina encouraging research and improvement of facilities. John Bruk, the founder of Asia Pacific Organization which is a not-to-profit institution focused on Canada’s diplomatic relations with Asia, suggested the donations are a front to what China is trying to accomplish and the red flags raised by the US should not be ignored. Bruk stated that each Chinese company works in close collaboration with the Chinese government as the communist law makes it compulsory for each company to have a Communist leader on its board of members. The Asian Pacific Organization founder further attested to the claims made by Canadian intelligence agencies suggesting universities to be wary of taking donations from the Chinese-based firm. Currently, Huawei provides the network infrastructure for some major telecom companies in Canada which include the likes of Telus, SaskTel, and Bell Canada.