US and Australia Join Forces to Improve Cancer and Pediatric Healthcare

US and Australia Join Forces to Improve Cancer and Pediatric Healthcare

The announcement was made that healthcare professionals and medical researchers in Victoria, Australia are likely to be partner with leading experts in the world in pediatric health and cancer in Boston, USA to enhance access to latest medical breakthroughs for patients in Victoria. Jill Hennessy, Minister for Health improved two historic partnership agreements with the Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Jill Hennessy, Minister of Health stated that Victoria is the leading cancer and pediatric care center across the globe and strengthening its partnerships with Boston will ensure Victoria to remain a world leader.

Dr. Elaine Sanij, a researcher in Peter MacCallum is likely to visit Dana Farber Cancer Institute to work with global leader in DNA repaire therapies in overian cancer. This is likely to allow Peter MacCallum Cancer Center’s own trial and improve Australian research.

According to Minister Hennessy, cancer endurance rates in Victoria are the best across the world. Partnership of Victoria with Dana Farber Cancer Institute is likely to survive more by working organized on future medical innovations. Additionally, number of solid actions included in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) were agreed between Royal Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. According to MOU, the best expertise and practice in pediatric health, collaboration on research, exchange programs as well as innovations are likely to be now shared with Victorian researchers. This incorporates working with International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement on a core set of global standards for pediatrics, enhancing quality and safety of care for pediatric patients across the world.

An international working group of parents, patients and leading clinicians as well as academics is likely to establish major areas of research, which influence most of the families. These projects will be finalized as a part of delegation to USA to tighten international bonds between Victoria and some other global most prestigious health and medical research institute. Collaboration with leading biotech as well as pharmaceutical companies will further help create jobs and fuel investment at home. This step is in line with Australia’s vision to expand Victoria as exporter of health services and research across the globe as per included in the International Health Strategy 2016-2020. The healthcare sector contribute more to the Victorian economy per annum as well as employs more than 130 thousand Victorians.

To improve healthcare sector in Victoria, they have developed key strategies to follow such as they are looking for international engagement to promote Victorian health system to markets at international levels. They are further looking for strengthening ties with established partners as well as create new links. They are concentrating industry developments to improve new sources of revenue for health services via increasing international opportunities’ awareness among healthcare sector as well as improving capabilities of Victoria to respond to those opportunities. Further, the government is transferring knowledge to encourage service delivery as well as research partnerships.

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