Touch Screen Controllers for Next-Generation Functional Safety Requirements

Display Controllers

Catering to Automotive functional safety needs

Touchscreen displays are largely used in automotive vehicles for simplifying the driving experience. With the prevalence of smart technology, vehicle owners and drivers anticipate similar touch experience of that of smart devices. However, mitigating the risks and challenges related to large displays with thicker cover lenses are expected to remain a key focal point.

Innovations to Outline an Improved Scenario

Microchip Technology Inc. designed a new class of single-chip touchscreen controllers, the maXTouch touchscreen controllers for addressing the difficulties and challenges for screens sizing up to 20 inches. Amongst the touchscreen controllers, MXT2912TD-A are equipped with about 3000 touch sensing nodes while MXT2113TD-A support over 2000 nodes, enabling consumers to gain the required touchscreen user experience in automobiles.

The new touchscreen controllers carry forward Microchip’s legacy as they are being built on its preexisting maXTouch touchscreen technology that is increasingly deployed by manufacturers across the globe. With excellent offerings such as multi-touch support in presence of moisture and even across a thick gloves, and signal-to-noise capability for resolving the needs of thick lenses. The MXT2912TD and MXT2113TD systems are incorporated with sensor-diagnostic and self-diagnostic functionalities that monitor the reliability of the touch system continuously. This is greatly supporting the need of automobile manufacturers who use screen for replacing mechanical switches on the dash of vehicles, with the emergence of sleeker interiors in automobiles.

Enhanced Touchscreen Controllers: Complete Scalability for Customers

Microchip is committed to provide its customers with scalable solutions, such as the growing and complete portfolio of touch screen controllers that are qualified for use in automotive, catering to varying screen sizes. With the new maXTouch touchscreen controllers, the company is focused towards this commitment in future. The touch screen controllers are equipped with smart diagnostic attributes that support the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) outlined by the ISO 26262.

These next generation controllers could enable developers to develop multiple platforms ranging from small touchpads and touchscreens to large displays, built with the same host software interface and high-quality user experience in the same environment.

Display Controllers to Ease Functionalities in Future

From touchscreen controllers to others including smart display controllers, LCD controllers, and multi-display controllers, the display controllers market showcases tremendous growth in future. Not only limited to automotive industry, the display controllers are also improving functionality in industrial and medical sectors. Furthermore, the demand for smart electronics and support devices has boosted the use of such controllers that simply operations. With innovations in touchscreen controllers such as this newly introduced class, the capabilities are expected to expand significantly.

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