Top 3 Innovations to Reboot Mobile Application Landscape

Updated Microsoft Mobile Application: Now available with AI Capabilities

SharePoint Mobile App by Microsoft recently experienced integration of new AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities. The company has been striving to make the new app widely available for the Android and iOS device users. The main focus in upgradation of SharePoint Mobile App was consolidation of ‘Search, People and Sites’ tabs in a single tab, namely ‘Find’ tab. This new tab utilizes AI for tapping in knowledge and expertise across the organization. The newly developed ‘Find’ tab displays people and files that AI estimates is relevant to end-user. The new design is likely to be the most significant update of SharePoint Mobile App upto date.

SharePoint Mobile App offers personalized viewpoints on ‘New posts, Communication Sites and Team Sites’ of an organization and intranet site browsing along with access to the organizational contact cards. This in turn is beneficial for the mobile application users for creating News posts as well as receiving notifications with regards to the published articles. The updated version of SharePoint Mobile App by Microsoft is mainly designed for organizations utilizing SharePoint Server in datacenters.

Revamped Google Home App to Automatically Control and Organize Smart Home

Google Inc. recently revamped Google Home mobile application enabling it to control and organize smart home. The main tab consists of a number of shortcut buttons for performing the tasks such as broadcasting a message, turning off lights or setting the thermostat at home. Shortcut buttons of the revamped mobile application also consists of connected entertainment devices including smart TVs and speakers that are integrated with Chromecast streamer. The new mobile application enables the end-user to organize devices in rooms and sometimes, does the organizing process by itself. Google Home mobile application helps in sharing individual homes with various other accounts. Access to these accounts is made possible with complete flexibility to control multiple homes, accounts and more settings with the new tab named, ‘Account tab’.

Google Inc. has been taking immense efforts in working towards ‘Zero configuration’ technique. However, according to product lead on the new app, Ben Brown had mentioned, the new buttons will be automatically adapting to the end-users habits and will organize devices in rooms for the end-user.

New Mobile Application Improves Credit Transaction Process

Dealertrack, retail solutions brand of Cox Automotive Canada has been efficiently working towards evolving and improving dealer productivity. As part of the formerly mentioned scenario, the company has created a new mobile application for the end-users for securely tracking deals with the finance workflow on their mobile device. Dealers can easily access their contract activity and credit application, anywhere and anytime. In addition, data pertaining to the sales leads can be tracked as well. Currently, the new mobile application is available at App Store for the Apple users and at Play Store for the Android devices.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on mobile application market indicates burgeoning revenue growth from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to significantly transform dynamics of mobile application market.

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