Top 3 Influencers to Stimulate the Application of Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottles

Efficiency and light-weighting, Superior Dispensing, and Prominence of Unit Dose Packaging to be prominent market trends

The elevating adoption of plastic bottles over glass bottles in the pharmaceutical industry has been witnessed in recent times. The simplicity and greater cost efficiency of pharmaceutical plastic bottles constantly fuels its application for packaging pharmaceutical products. Design innovations and application-specific production of pharmaceutical plastic bottles are further pushing the profitability associated with them. The increasing use of PET for producing pharmaceutical plastic bottles owing to their key features such as stress resistance and durability are expected to increase the demand for these bottles. Along with this, there are some effective trends in the industry that are expected to significantly influence the pharmaceutical plastic bottles market.

Demand for Efficiency and Light-weighting to Fuel Innovations in Production

 Achieving production efficiency and developing light-weight products are the key aspects that are expected to shape the future of the pharmaceutical plastic bottles production. Manufacturers are focusing on achieving these goals with the new innovations and products. For instance, the specialty chemicals provider Milliken & Company along with jARDEN Plastic Solutions in South Carolina and the inventor of CBF machinery, SACMI Group collaborated for preparing a new pharmaceutical bottle that facilitates sustainability. This light-weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pharmaceutical bottle also highlights improved barrier performance of bottles and consistency.

Furthermore, a manufacturer and filler for pharmaceuticals, Lameplast also introduced a new bottle for ophthalmic products, boosting a practical and efficient use of such formulations. The product gains more applicability owing to its compatibility with the OSD (Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser) device provided by Aptar.

Advanced Dispensing Requirements to Stir New Conceptions

Precision and simplicity in the dispensing of drugs has stirred new developments in the pharmaceutical plastic bottles. Manufacturers are preparing for producing pharmaceutical plastic bottles specially the dropper bottles category that enables seamless, simple, and accurate dispensing of liquid drugs. Silgan Dispensing, a designer, developer, and distributor of engineered sprays and pumps in the pharmaceutical market, introduced Iridya eye dropper that ensures accurate dosage. This product has an easy-to-use design for safe delivery of ophthalmic medication. The elongated tip, low-squeeze force, and ergonomic grip enable an easy to use design. Such products are expected to boost new innovative developments in the pharmaceutical plastic bottles market.

Unit Dose Packaging to Trigger Production

The need for safer and effective distribution of drugs has given rise to the development of unit dose packaging. The trend for products that are individually packaged dosage units are increasingly influencing the pharmaceutical plastic bottles market. Companies are leveraging the opportunities that follow such trends by implementing major strategies such as acquisition and collaboration, along with new product development. Furthermore, with oral medications given in dose units in most parts around the world, the demand for unit dose packaging is expected to rise. Plastic bottles and containers would recognize increasing demand for the unit dose packaging for the pharmaceutical products.

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