Strategic Acquisitions to Significantly Contribute towards Expansion of Lab Automation Market

Lab Automation Market

Growing heavy investments in R&D, availability of compatible way outs for the purpose of lab automation, increasing strategic consolidations amongst the end users as well as service providers has been contributing significantly towards the growth of lab automation market across the globe. Apart from this, easing FDA clearance, growing preference for the branded products as well as rapid increase in the demand for automation with regards to sample handling procedures in laboratories has been driving the production sales of lab automation across the globe.

A thorough analysis was taken out lately on the report named lab automation market by an established research company. The thorough analysis indicates that the lab automation market is likely to develop at a robust 9.6% CAGR over the assessment period, 2017-2027. In addition, the lab automation market will be touching an estimate of over US$ 3Bn by 2027-end. Key players operating in the lab automation market are inclusive of Transcriptic, Inc., Siemens Healthcare, Agilent Technologies, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Abbott Laboratories and Danaher Corporation.

The aforementioned players are likely to witness a considerable growth, globally in the coming years, which will be contributing towards expansion of lab automation market across the globe. Manufacturers and key players are completely concentrating on developing strategies, concerning the product value, advancement, innovation and mounting product portfolio, for the purpose of further development of the lab automation market for the near future.

Agilent Technologies Plans to Expand its Lab Informatics

Key players and manufacturers must follow up the point that Agilent Technologies has planned to expand its lab informatics by means of acquiring Genohm. Customers must note the point that this strategic acquisition will help Agilent Technologies is delivering holistic next-generation sequencing workflows, thereby improving laboratory management for the genomic customers. Apart from this, this acquisition is expected to help Agilent Technologies in enhancing their current product portfolio, thereby adding workflow and LIMS management, by increasing ELN capacity. This in turn is expected to provide superior level of analytical data, thereby enabling the scientists to create results more effectively.

Becton, Dickinson and Company Launches New Automation & Informatics Solution

Key players and manufacturers must take account of the point that Becton, Dickinson and Company recently announced the launch of various new automation and informatics solutions for the benefit of clinical laboratories. This in turn will be crucially beneficial for fighting against antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases. The company has been taking immense efforts in introducing new and innovative software, microbiology and molecular solutions across the globe in the near future.

Becton, Dickinson and Company has been making available BD Synapsys™, which is a microbiology informatics solution that helps the laboratories with protected connectivity across locations and instruments. Apart from this, the notable point is that the new application that is browser based will benefit in streamlining facilitating on-demand actionable, automate manual processes and workflows insights. Most importantly, the new development will help the laboratories in improving the productivity, simplifying the compliance as well as to acquire efficient results to the clinicians.

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