Portable and Hand-Held Systems to Boost the Global Ultrasound System Market

Technological advancement has certainly led to the invention of a compact and easy-to-use form of ultrasound systems. Adoption of artificial intelligence and consistent fall in price contribute majorly in the growth of ultrasound system market. The hand-held ultrasound systems are now integrated with mobile connectivity which enables visualization in real-time diagnosis by providing 2D and 3D images of the examination.

Emerging Trends in Global Ultrasound System Market

Unlike traditional systems, ultrasound images are highly improved over the years. New innovations in these systems enhance the speed of image processing and clarity of the final display. Popular with the cases of pregnant women, many radiologists now used ultrasound systems for lungs procedures instead of CT.

Wireless connectivity and increase in mobility are the main factors for the estimation of global ultrasound system market to reach a value of around US$ 2,300 Mn in the next decade. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5%. Many hospitals and diagnostic centers are now relying on the portable ultrasound systems which come with technologically advanced features. It influences the manufactures to focus on compact ultrasound systems as they can be used in small or tight spaces including operation theatre.

The evolution of ultrasound systems have also helped in the differentiation of benign and malignant tumor, and give a clear image of blood flow and blood perfusion. The real-time visualizing function of the ultrasound systems can also aid in complex surgical applications. With a potential effort to enhance the calculation power, the global ultrasound system market continues to be optimistic.

Apart from big hospitals which contribute the largest share to the ultrasound system market, various non-radiologists are the emerging buyers as they use the system for clinical examinations and practical procedures.

However, lack of skilled labor may lower the adoption of highly equipped ultrasound systems in several diagnostic centers or small-scale hospitals, thereby affecting the growth of the overall ultrasound system market. To encourage the digitization of medical devices, many governing bodies in the region like the Asia Pacific and MEA are supporting the initiatives by reducing the cost and exempting the taxes for the first three years.

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