Omnicell’s New Pharmacy Automation Solution to Improve Medication Delivery and Enhance Patient Outcome

Pharmacy Automation Systems Market

Trend of automation is hitting almost all industry verticals. Automation in pharmacy operations such as medication dispensing, counting, database management, storage and packaging and labelling has improved patient outcomes, reduced downtime, reduced wastes, increased productivity and ensured efficient patient care. Pharmacy automation entails distribution and handling of medications with the help of mechanical processes. Pharmacy automation systems also carry out compounding and measuring of medications, updating patient data, tracking information of patients in patient databases and also aids in inventory management. Future Market Insights has presented insights on the global market for pharmacy automation systems, wherein it has reflected growth path of the global market. As per analysis, global pharmacy automation systems market is expected to rise at a robust CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027.

Omnicell Displays New Automation Platform for Medication Management

Leading provider of automation solutions for supply management and medications for pharmacies and healthcare systems, Omnicell, showcases its new award-winning solution and platform at EAHP (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists) congress. Leveraging workflow software and hardware solutions, performance driven partnerships and real time predictive intelligence, these solutions can drive financial, clinical and operational success for several healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

The XT Series automated medication dispensing cabinets by Omnicell ensure enhanced efficiency of workflow, patient safety and medication accountability with the support of advanced hardware and smart software technologies. In addition, IV solutions that include robotic non-hazardous as well as hazardous IV compounding essentially focus on enhanced safety, improvised therapy and reduced costs. They also facilitate compliance associated with processes related to sterile compounding. Moreover, Omnicell’s robotic dispensing system allows accurate and effective dispensing and loading of medications simultaneously. It consists of “Medimat” storage, one of Omnicell’s developments, along with a high speed dispensing unit and automated system for filling.

Omnicell is also looking for innovation for sterile compounding workflow and inventory management in the coming years. Supporting patient safety is necessary for excellent patient care and outcome, exclaims general manager of Omnicell. Omnicell will showcase different ways that its customers can use to reduce errors, enhance patient care, ultimately decrease costs by simplifying workflow, he adds.

Omnicell’s XR2 Chosen by Mercyhealth to Improve Patient Safety

XR2, Omnicell’s automated central pharmacy system has been adopted by Mercyhealth recently to improve patient care and consequently safety. This system enhances efficiency of pharmacy operations, thus streamlining various tasks simultaneously favouring patient safety. Mercyhealth was focusing on solutions that could enhance its operational efficiency, which in turn would facilitate staff re-allocation for patient facing and clinical initiatives. Mercyhealth chose XR2 in order to replace its current pharmacy automation solution that allows efficient inventory management with higher control and less labour. In addition, barcode utilization offered by XR2 reduces the risk of delayed medication or errors as it integrates with Mercyhealth’s medication scanning protocols. Enhancing central pharmacy automation permits Mercyhealth to monitor complete inventory of medication across facilities that enhances delivery of medications and reduces spend.

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