New Innovations to Stir Dental Hygiene Devices Demand

Oral and dental hygiene is given major significance currently, where customers are adopting healthy practices to ensure clean and hygienic gums and teeth. The increasing trend for achieving a perfect smile with respect to the changing need for aesthetics has driven the demand for dental hygiene device market further. There have been immense developments in terms of the product design of the dental hygiene device offerings, where companies aim at providing convenient, yet revolutionary products that address the changing needs of dental hygiene.

Furthermore, the need for effective dental hygiene practice has risen from the growing prevalence of several oral diseases and problems related to dental health. The World Health Organization states that the incidence of oral cancer ranks among the three top cancers in some Asia Pacific countries, while the periodontal disease was the 11th most prevalent disease in 2016, globally. Such alarming scenarios are giving rise to the demand for improved dental hygiene, thereby boosting dental hygiene device sale.

Prominent Player Launching an Innovative Dental Hygiene Device

With the increasing demand for dental hygiene device, top players competing in the market are constantly working towards bringing different product offers to the market, thereby gaining a competitive edge over the others. For instance, the Kolibree introduced a new Magik Toothbrush for children, with an aim to make dental and oral hygiene a fun experience for them. The new toothbrush is equipped with augmented reality that turns the brushing practice into a game. Kolibree Magik Toothbrush is equipped with sensors and is paired with an AR app.

Next Generation Hygiene and Diagnostics Instruments

The demand for effective dental hygiene device and diagnostics instruments has been growing substantially with the development witnessed in the healthcare sector. Moreover, companies are working towards developing light-weight instruments to simplify usage and further improve dental care. For example, Premier Dental has introduced a new product line, PremierAir line, with featuring a light-weight structure, with rugged non-slip grip and ergonomic design. This new product line includes PremierAir Probex, which is a combination of a probe and explorer, PremierAir hygiene scalers and curettes, and PremierAir explorers.

Innovative Gentle Clean Solutions to Help Manufacturers Differentiate

Product innovations are a major focus for the competitors in the dental hygiene device market, where they aim to go beyond the conventional capabilities of existing dental hygiene device offerings to ensure that they can effectively differentiate amongst the others. For example, Philips, a recognized dental hygiene device market player, introduced a revolutionary product to the market. The new toothbrush range, Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean is an all-new range of electric toothbrushes to cater to the needs of effective yet gentle cleaning. This new range consists of three electric brushes come with Optimal Plaque Control brush, Diamond Clean brush, and Optimal Gum Care brush. These three models are equipped with sensors that alert the users in case excessive pressure is applied, thereby offering a brushing experience that delivers clean and white teeth with healthier gums.

State-of-the-art Technology-integrated Dental Hygiene Device to Redefine the Brushing Experience

While the world has witnessed the incorporation of technology in various systems and everyday devices, cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence are making their way in the dental hygiene device market. While customers are aware of the several capabilities of artificial intelligence, this technology is expected to bring major developments in the dental hygiene device market. For instance, a leading dental hygiene device market player, Colgate offered a smart toothbrush, E1 Smart Connect that offers connectivity to the user’s phone. Furthermore, the company offers a real-time and interactive application which connects to the brush through Bluetooth connectivity.

Novel innovations are stirring the development in the dental hygiene device market. The dental hygiene device market research report presented by Future Market Insights traces similar innovations that are expected to contribute to the increasing demand for the dental hygiene device. The segmentation analysis and regional evaluation of the dental hygiene device market help the reader to evaluate the opportunities of the market in the near future, and aid in effective decision making. The key developments and strategies implemented by dental hygiene device market competitors allow the emerging market players to assess the scope of the ecosystem.

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