Mixed Xylene Sales to Grow with Advanced Production Facilities

All-New Complex in Thailand to Produce Over 1Million Paraxylene

IRPC Public Company Limited, Thai Public SET-listed Petroleum as well as Petrochemical Company has planned to utilize a wide-ranging advanced process technologies from the  Honeywell UOP, multi-national company developing as well as delivering technology to major manufacturing industries in US. The advanced technology has benefitted in the new aromatics complex of Rayong Province in Thailand. Under the project deal, Honeywell UOP has offered cutting-edge adsorbents and catalysts, key equipment, design and licensing.

Furthermore, soon after the completion in 2022, the all-new complex will be producing nearly 1.2Million tpy (tons per year) of paraxylene utilized for making fibers, films and plastic resins. In addition, it will also enhance its benzene production capabilities from nearly 114,000 to 495,000 tpy. The new complex enables IRPC in significantly converting its existing intermediate feedstocks to high-value aromatics products inclusive of benzene and paraxylene. This new aromatics project innovative UOP technologies, which consist of lesser capital as well as operating expense.

The exclusive project includes:

  • CCR PlatformingTM unit of Honeywell UOP that converts naphtha in higher-octane gasoline as well as aromatics
  • LD ParexTM unit that recovers higher-purity paraxylene from the mixed xylene and utilizes a new and energy-efficient light desorbent.
  • SulfolaneTM technology of Honeywell UOP that extracts aromatics from feed
  • IsomarTM technology for converting xylene isomers in advanced and valuable paraxylene
  • TatorayTM technology converts C9 aromatics and toluene in mixed xylenes as well as higher-purity benzene, thereby multiplying paraxylene yield from naphtha feedstock.

New Aichi Refinery Accelerates Production Level By Over 170,000Tonnes per Year

Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., Petroleum Refineries Company in Japan has recently commissioned a facility for the manufacturing of mixed xylene at the company’s 160,000-b/d Aichi refinery, located at Chita in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Sources from the company had mentioned, commercial operations of mixed xylene equipment that is inclusive of converted gasoline xylene recovery equipment had begun by August 2018. With production level of nearly 170,000 tpy of mixed xylene, the new facility is likely to contribute towards expansion of the company’s petrochemical business, thereby enabling flexibility for dealing with the shifting trend of demand supply of the petrochemical raw materials and petroleum products. The Aichi refinery extracts mixed xylene by means of distilled separation of the aromatic ingredients in the gasoline.

Note: Mixed xylene unit is a part of installation of the several new equipment at Aichi refinery under the 5th consolidated medium-term management strategy of Idemitsu Kosan that calls for promotion of the company’s fuel-to-chemicals production.

Million-Dollar Refinery Upgradation Project in Texas to Enable Significant Production of Mixed Xylene

Andeavor, Petroleum Refineries Company in Texas had planned on a $40Million project for upgrading refineries for catering to the emerging federal gasoline emissions protocols as well as for shipping and producing xylene. A result of refining process, xylene was utilized for making plastics along with various other synthetic products. Moreover, the new refinery is witnessed to produce upto 15,000 barrels of mixed xylene each day for exporting to the global markets, mainly in Asia.

Heavy Investments to Multiply Processing Capacity of Paraxylene

Reliance Industries Ltd, lately informed regarding the successful commissioning of the third as well as last crystallization train of its paraxylene unit at the company’s Jamnagar complex. This in turn leads to multiplication of the company’s paraxylene processing capacity. The new plant is developed with the cutting-edge crystallization technology from BP (British Petroleum) that is highly energy effectual. With commissioning of this plant, paraxylene capacity of Reliance Industries Ltd has doubled at a substantial pace, which in turn makes it the second largest producer of paraxylene across the globe with nearly 11% of the total global production. These projects are expected to add a significant value to the Refining and Petrochemical business of Reliance Industries Ltd, thereby enabling Jamnagar complex in attaining energy self-sufficiency.

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