Mimaki Expands Printer Product Portfolio at the 2018 InPrint Conference

Agricultural Packaging

Mimaki showcased its full portfolio of Ultra Violet LED inkjet printers at the InPrint conference of 2018 in Milan, Italy. The firm showed consumers how print service providers, and different industrial producers of consumer products can make use of the company’s superior quality of printer technology, thereby availing improved productivity and functionality, to bolster rising revenues and create new possibilities for their use.

Direct-to-object UV LED Printers Were the Main Attraction

Visitors from various production departments got to take a detailed look at different samples of the high-performance UJF range of direct-to-object UV LED printers. Moreover, visitors also got to hear how their direct-to-object, on-demand printing technology has allowed customers to diversify products to boost percentages of consumer engagement, improved manufacturing efficiency, sales, and significant reduction in waste products.

Visitors were also able to see live demonstrations of the flagship Mimaki UJF-3042MkII direct-to-shape A3 printer, which is compatible with substrates with thickness up to 153 millimeters. In addition, the use of the optional 360 degree printing unit will also be demonstrated. The unit was developed to print on top of various kinds of bottles or jars. This boosts the end user’s manufacturing abilities and provides new business opportunities for Print Service Providers (PSPs).

Mimaki Unveiled Flatbed Direct-to-object Printer Variants

Visitors also got to see the larger A2 compatible UJF-6042MkII direct-to-object LED UV printer, in addition to the UJF-7151plus flatbed direct-to-object printing, that allows applications on thick substrates at rapid speeds. These products are perfect for a wide range of objects such as pens. The company also used the UJF-7151plus to demonstrate the use of its new metallic silver ink.

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the direct-to-shape inkjet printer market, the rising consumer preference towards product customization is one of the primary influencers behind the demand for direct-to-shape inkjet printer sales. With superior abilities, direct-to-shape inkjet printers are seeing increased adoption across numerous verticals, with the food and beverage sector in particular.

Mimaki also demonstrated 3D models created from its 3DUJ-553 printer, the world’s first full-colour UV-integrated inkjet 3D variant that provides users with more than 10 million colors. The UCJV300 range of integrated roll-to-roll UV LED inkjet printers will also displayed, which are compatible with high-quality outdoor signs, banners, labels, and wallpaper.

The company put forth a platform to show how end users could further improvise and raise customer value, while simultaneously reducing expenses and boosting revenue. As, Mimaki was the first to introduce metallic inks for flatbed digital printers in industrial use, the company showed how users could match brand colors in a better way, while reducing manufacturing time and boosting product designs.

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