Millennial Population to Contribute Significantly Towards the Sales of Non-Dairy Yogurt Products

Non-dairy Yoghurt Market

Increasing demand from lactose intolerant population is driving the production for non-dairy yogurt products. Shifting preference of consumers towards nutritional and flavored yogurt is driving the production sales of non-dairy yogurt. A recent report by Future Market Insights predicts a moderate 4.9% CAGR growth of the global market for non-dairy yogurt during the period, 2017-2027. The global market is likely to touch an evaluation of nearly US$ 7,431.1Mn by 2027-end. Developing convenient and efficient non-dairy yogurt for the end-users will be a significant trend influencing the growth of global market for non-dairy yogurt in the forthcoming years. The report further offers beneficial landscapes related to the growth of global market for non-dairy yogurt in the near future.

The analysts who are part of the development of this report, have provided valuable insights on how the global market for non-dairy yogurt will expand through 2027. In addition, analysts have answered to the important concerns of the industry shareholders and market viewers.

What do you think can be the major factor driving growth of the global market for non-dairy yogurt?

Well, increasing number of lactose intolerant population is expected to significantly drive growth of the global market. Recently, it has been observed that there is considerable increase in the number of lactose intolerant people in African and Asia-Pacific regions. Increasing demand for plant-based products from yogurts, frozen desserts and beverage sector will contribute significantly towards production sales of non-dairy yogurt.

Any idea if the leading brands are working on increasing their consumer base?

Certainly. Manufacturers such as Yakult and Danone are considering the shifting trends and preferences in the market. Therefore, they have been working on producing innovative and advanced products in order to increase their consumer base. Apart from this, emerging as well as existing manufacturers are working on developing new flavors and product enhancement.

Can you provide some valuable insights on the regions in the global market for non-dairy yogurt?

Yes. Sure. APEJ is likely to be lucrative for the global market in the forthcoming years. Growing awareness regarding the benefits of yogurt consumption has led to increasing need for non-dairy yogurt products in regions such as U.K., China and U.S. Mainly, the demand for plant-based yogurt, drinkable yogurt and fat-free yogurt has been increasing largely.

What according to you could be the factors responsible for restraining the global market growth?

Lack of stringent regulations and norms pertaining to efficiency and safety of the organic products is likely to restrain the growth of global market for non-dairy yogurt. False health claims and safety assurances by manufacturers for increasing the sales of their products has also changed the outlook of consumers for plant-based products.

Can you name some key players in the global market for non-dairy yogurt?

Yes. Of course. The key players profiled by our analysts include Amande, Yoconut Dairy Free, Forager Project LLC, Good Karma Foods, Inc., Kite Hill and Healthy Brands Collective Co. By launching innovative non-dairy yogurt products, the key players are focusing on achieving a competitive edge in the global market for non-dairy yogurt.

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