Medtronic’s Achievement to Contribute Significantly towards the Production Sales of Centrifugal Blood Pump

US and Australia Join Forces to Improve Cancer and Pediatric Healthcare

The global market for centrifugal blood pumps will expand due to its increasing demand from ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals. Procedure optimization with the help of centrifugal blood pumps allows in managing cost of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. There is increasing demand from end-users as this device helps in carrying out smooth cardiac surgeries together with value-added blood handling. The growing requirement for reduced process costs together with effective results, contributes significantly towards revenue generation of market for centrifugal blood pump. Furthermore, constant demand to meet the required criteria of surgery procedure and to achieve adequate clinical competence is further expected to fuel the growth of global market for centrifugal blood pump.

Companies namely Medtronic Plc., Chelmsford, Kyocera Corporation, Bio-Medicus, Inc., MA, Baxter International, St. Jude Medical, Inc., 3-M Health Care and Thoratec Corporation will observe a considerable sale worldwide. Also, some companies out of these have technologically advanced their products and widened their product lines. In the meantime, other companies are awaiting for authorization of their unverified centrifugal blood pump devices.

Medtronic Receives New Approval for Its Heart-Failure Treatment Device

Medtronic receives approval of FDA for its costly medical devices meant for the treatment of heart-failure. FDA recently gave approval for Medtronic’s HeartWare HVAD System, which would be utilized permanently by patients who are at the edge of heart-failure and are not applicants for transplants. It was revealed that earlier this device was meant for patients only till they receive a new heart. Heart-failure remains a prevailing burden for millions of heath care system, caregivers and patients. Moreover, Medtronic is working towards advancing in the field of the mechanical circulatory support.

HVAD System is LVAD (left-ventricular assist device), which takes help of a centrifugal-flow pump for increasing the blood flow in patients who have a heart that does not function on its own. For instance, in America, nearly 6.5million population is suffering from heart failure and is considered as a progressive disease, which disables the heart gradually to pump required amount of blood. Also, Medtronic estimates that nearly 250,000 are experiencing advanced heart failure. These patients are even unqualified for heart transplants.

After couple of trials, the HVAD system turned out beneficial for the patients and proved itself superior compared to other control groups. Therefore, after analyzing the complete process of the system, FDA found it effective to give approval for the usage of this device globally. It was estimated that nearly 76% of the patients who utilized HVAD system received back their life and others survived on a better wave-length. This device was implanted in the first place itself and they were free of restricting stroke as well. Comparatively, based on the earlier results, without the usage of this new device, nearly 67% patients lost their life which is definitely unthinkable. Therefore, the global market for centrifugal blood pump will witness significant increase in the forthcoming years with development in medical devices.

Prominent market players have started working towards taking up the emerging centrifugal blood pump devices, as they plan for betterment in analytic queries for increasing their level along with support of the various approaches.

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