Manufacturers Focus on Microplate Instrumentation and Supplies with Reliable Operations and Flexibility

Reliable Operations of All-New Microplate Washer to Prevent Needle Blockage

Innovative Infinite F50 absorbance reader and advanced HydroSpeed plate washer by Tecan supports in successful investigation processes with the help of hepatitis B viral surface antigen (HBs Ag) assay. HBs Ag in the human plasma has been detected with the help of HBs Ag assay. This marker is detectable within 2-3 weeks prior to first clinical and biological symptoms of disease. HBV (Hepatitis B virus) detection is recognized as a vital clinical test carried out across the world and for prevention of HBs Ag transmission at the time of transfusion, need for detection during blood donation takes place. For which, Tecan has come up with an innovative development catering to the smooth workflow processes.

Tecan Group Ltd., Swiss Company, specializes in development, manufacturing and supply of automated workflow solutions to the laboratories in life sciences sector recently developed an all-new HydroSpeed plate washer. The new washer has advanced features benefitting applications such as cell-based assays in 384 and 96-well plate format, washing of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), vacuum filtration and magnetic bead separation. The automated Anti-Clogging™ operation of HydroSpeed offers reliable operations. In addition, the unique operation helps in preventing needle blockage, which often takes place during crystallization of wash buffer.

Infinite F50 absorbance reader by Tecan is an innovative eight-channel absorbance microplate reader, which provides reproducible, fast and accurate measurements, thereby setting a benchmark in compact and innovative design. The absorbance reader, Infinite F50 is highly beneficial for several ELISA applications and moreover, the product is functional along with the user-friendly data analysis software and control, Magellan™ by Tecan.

Note: The newly developed HydroSpeed plate washer and Infinite F50 absorbance reader are a perfect combination for the ELISA-based assays as it offers accurate data analysis as well as high-throughput capacity and fulfilling the important requirements for the clinical and research laboratories.

Elimination of Cell Structure Damage with Automated Media Exchange Module

BioTek Instruments, Inc., Vermont–based player supplying scientific instruments and related software to the life sciences sector recently announced improvements in the multi-mode dispenser, namely MultiFlo™ FX, for enabling cell biology workflows. The new multi-mode dispenser has modular designs that is highly beneficial in catering to the demands of unique applications of the end-users. The patent-pending and new automated media exchange (AMX™) module automates consistent and gentle media exchanges for encouraging and protecting cell growth, especially for the 3D cell structures inclusive of tumoroids and spheroids together with lightly adherent 2D cells.

The automated media exchange module helps in eliminating risk of damage to the cell structure that is likely to take place with usage of manual methods. Random access dispensing (RAD™) module enhances flexibility in the assay designs. This facility is vital for several workflows that is inclusive of concentration normalization assays. MultiFlo™ FX holds wash module, which delivers full plate as well as strip washing in 6-384 well microplates, thereby enhancing functionality of the system. The new product is applicable for automation purposes that is integrated with Automated Incubator – BioSpa™ 8 and Microplate Stacker – BioStack™ of BioTek Instruments, Inc.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on microplate instrumentation and supplies market indicates the demand supply growth in the global market is expected to be attributed towards growing CapEx (Capital expenditure) on the lab automation in clinical diagnostics as well as rising product developments by prominent players benefitting in discovery and research.

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