Launch of Innovative Packaging Brands to Drive the Production Sales of Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging Market

Growing usage of flexible protective packaging product in the e-commerce industry across the globe has been playing a significant role in the growth of protective packaging market. apart from this, increasing demand for inflatable packaging and growing preference for the packaging products that are paper-based have been driving the protective packaging market. Developed countries are expected to continue to create incremental opportunities for the protective packaging market across the globe.

A recent research by an established firm anticipates that the protective packaging market will be expanding at a steady 5.3%CAGR throughout 2016-2026, which is the forecast period. Apart from this, the protective packaging market will be touching an evaluation of nearly US$ 41,822.8Mn by 2026-end. Key players in this protective packaging market are inclusive of Advanced Protective Packaging Ltd, Pregis Corporation, ACH Foam Technologies, Inc., Sonoco Products Company, Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH, Cascades Inc. and Packaging Corporation of America.

The aforementioned companies are likely to witness a considerable growth globally in the forthcoming years, which in turn will drive the protective packaging market as well. Key players and manufacturers have been taking immense efforts in focusing on developing strategic plans such as advancements, innovations, and product effectiveness as well as developing product portfolio, for the further expansion of protective packaging market.

Pregis Corporation Launches an Innovative Protective Packaging Brand

Key players and manufacturers must note that Pregis Corporation has recently launched an innovative protective packaging brand, namely Inspyre. This new brand offers broad range of colours for protective packaging that would help in enhancing customer experience. Apart from this, the new brand also provides visual support for the purpose of charitable campaigns and cause marketing.

According to the current scenario, there are higher possibilities where e-commerce has been taking the lead, resulting to lack of connection between brands and customers. His situation was significantly taken into consideration by the Pregis Corporation, which made it introduce Inspyre. This brand offers colours that would cater to the existing as well as emerging needs of the customers, thereby building the bridge between brand and customer.

Holistic View on Inspyre

Key players and manufacturers must plan to invest on Pregis Corporation as the company is working immensely on developing strategic ways that could help them in strengthening their position in the global market in the forthcoming years. A product named HC (hybrid cushioning) packaging film is the first one to be launched under the brand Inspyre.

HC (hybrid cushioning) packaging film offers multiple air chambers through a propriety square pattern. This in turn helps with provisions such as premium aesthetic, high-pressure and superior cushioning that is lately in demand by the customers. Flat and perforated rollstock has been attached to the AirSpeed® HC Versa™ system of Pregis Corporation. This system generates the rows that are basically known as the little air-filled pockets. This is due to the air that is transferred amongst the individual chambers. Key players and manufacturers must focus on the point that HC (hybrid cushioning) packaging film is significantly an ideal solution for the purpose of wrapping, bracing and blocking as well as cushioning.

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