Copper Foil

Market Insight Of The Rapidly Growing Copper Foil Industry: FMI Analyzes

March 3, 2021 Editor 0

Even though all of the disruptions were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the copper foil market managed to generate revenues from worldwide sales of over US$ 6.7 Billion. The growing consumer electronics industry is majorly responsible for the overall revenue generated by the market. The Asia-Pacific is continuing its dominance over the copper foil […]

organic compound

Developing Trends in the Global Diketene Market: Some Key Questions

February 26, 2021 Editor 0

Diketene is a non-hygroscopic, lightly-colored organic compound which is classified as highly reactive building block. The key players in the global diketene market are considering these diverse properties of diketene to be the major driver of the market. The diketene market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 3.5% through 2025. The organic compound is […]

Chitosan Market

Latest Insights on the Global Chitosan Market: Some Key Questions

February 25, 2021 Editor 0

The chitosan market is expected to exhibit a robust 20% CAGR through the year 2024 owing to the rise in water treatment plans in several emerging economies. There is an increase in demand for the product by several industries like cosmetics and toiletries, food and beverage, health care and agrochemical industry. These will spur the […]

Edible Nuts Market Region wise data chart

Key Factors Driving Edible Nuts Demand in Europe

February 19, 2021 Rahul Pandita 0

With increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, people across the world are opting for healthy habits. Healthy habits include drinking the desired quantity of water, eating meals at equal intervals and snacking the right way. Speaking of snacking, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends edible nuts as a very healthy snacking option as […]

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