Key Company Developments in Global Dry Mixes Market

Dry Mixes Market

Foodstirs and NutreeLife Introduce Innovative Dry Mixes to Lure Modern Consumers

Dry mixes is one of the most rapidly popularizing food products among consumers and businesses in food, bakery, confectionary, hotels, restaurants, and cafes (HoReCa). Dry mixes are precisely a ready mixture of powdered food ingredients that can be used in instant preparation of several food products. However, they can be available in a form of flakes, granules, and crystals as well. Anything from soups, baked goods, and spicy cuisines can be made with a pack of respective ready dry mix. Generally, a range of dry mixes includes multigrain blends, baking mix, spice mix, seasoning mix, curry mix, beverage mix, and many other mixes, which are widely used in the food and beverage industry. A package of any dry mix contains certain added preservatives in order to achieve long-term preservation.

The global market for dry mixes is highly competitive and is operated by a number of companies, including The Linde Group, MiDAS Foods International, National Food Group, Inc., Wendels True Foods, Custom Cafe Foods, Brady Enterprises, Inc., Unilever Food Solutions, Nestlé S.A., Centre State Food Service, Davis Food Co-op., General Mills, Inc., Kosto Food Products Company, and others. There are a few companies innovating the global dry mixes marketplace with new products in order to meet evolving consumer demands.

Organic chewy granola oat bar baking mix and one-minute mug cakes baking mix by Foodstirs

Foodstirs™ Modern Baking is a California-based company recognized for an extensive range of USDA certified organic baking mixes. The current dry mixes product range of the company is all set to extend with two brand new products that will further offer families a quick, modernized, and enjoyable baking experience.

Among the two products, a baking mix for organic chewy granola bars simply needs to be mixed with water and oil before baking for around 25 minutes. Each serve offers organic whole grain nutrition and an excellent homemade taste. Dry mix packages will be available in chocolate coconut, very berry chocolate chip, and cinnamon raisin flavors. The second product contains a ready mix for baking mug cakes in various flavors, such as celebration confetti, molten chocolate chip, and cinnamon swirl coffee cake. While the mix has heirloom, biodynamic sugar, identity-preserved organic flour, and fair trade chocolate, it can be baked into a cake in just one minute by simply adding the specified amount of water.

The company will display these products specials and offer sample products at one of the largest upcoming organic and natural products trade show in California. Both of these products are one of their kind in the dry mix industry.

NutreeLife introduces vegan dry mixes for burgers

NutreeLife, a recognized vegan brand, recently brought in to the market a range of vegan dry mixes for burgers, which need only hot water to be shaped for a burger. The entire recipe including preparation and cooking takes only 10 minutes and thus is ideal for consumers living busy life. These dry vegan burger mixes are also suitable for health conscious consumers, as they are gluten-free and do not contain soya, wheat, and dairy products. Moreover, they can even be used in preparing meatless balls and sausages.

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