Innovative Product Launches to Burgeon Demand for Food Botanicals

Food Botanicals Market

Manufacturers and key players can focus on the point that there is rapid increase in the consumption of supplements and herbal products, which in turn is expected to stimulate the growth of food botanicals market across the globe. Apart from this, growing demand for dietary supplements and changing lifestyle has been significantly driving the growth of food botanicals market. Key players and manufacturers are planning to make heavy investments in R&D for the purpose of developing new plants or botanicals.

A thorough analysis was taken out lately on the report named food botanicals market by an established research company. The thorough analysis indicates that the food botanicals market is likely to develop at a sluggish 3.0% CAGR over the assessment period, 2017-2026. In addition, the food botanicals market will be touching an estimate of nearly US$ 1,538,534.2Mn by 2026-end. Key players operating in the food botanicals market are inclusive of Olam International, Cargill Inc, Blue Sky Botanics, Döhler GmbH, Naturex SA, Naturalife Asia Co. and Synergy Flavors.

The aforementioned players are likely to witness a considerable growth, globally in the coming years, which will be contributing towards expansion of food botanicals market across the globe. Manufacturers and key players are completely concentrating on developing strategies, concerning the product value, advancement, innovation and mounting product portfolio, for the purpose of further development of the food botanicals market for the near future.

Cargill Inc. Launches New Product Series of De-Oiled Lecithin

Key players as well as manufacturers can focus on the point that Cargill Inc. has recently launched new product series related to de-oiled lecithin for the purpose of completing its non-GMO and GMO lecithin products. Apart from this, the company has been taking immense efforts in catering to the growing demand of its customer-base with regards to label-friendly ingredients. De-oiled rapeseed lecithin of Cargill Inc. is known to be produced in Europe for the first time, which is basically expected to be highly favorable for snacks and bakery manufacturers, also at an affordable cost.

Cargill Inc. had made it a point to mention that they have been taking immense efforts in balancing their product portfolio of lecithin with the help of wide-ranging botanical sources, GM and non-GM soy, from sunflower and rapeseed. The point to be noted is that Cargill Inc. is planning to develop products that would be an add-on to their product portfolio and not a replacement.

Key Insights on New Product Development by Cargill Inc.

Cargill Inc. has big plans to shift towards non-allergen and non-GMO claims as this has been considered as a major trend across various applications. Most of all, the company is also taking immense efforts for taking out artificial ingredients in its existing as well as developing products, thereby giving utmost importance to lecithin. According to the current analysis, Asia-Pacific region might create lucrative growth opportunities for the food botanicals market in the near future, by preferring lecithin over soy.

Cargill Inc. is expected to develop products that are label-friendly and a cost-effective substitute to soy lecithin. This move will be meeting the existing as well as growing consumer needs across the globe. Customers can take note of the point that the new product range has been providing higher levels of reliability, food safety and quality.

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