Innovative Developments by II-VI Incorporated To Significantly Contribute Towards Production Sales of Optical Coatings

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Increasing demand from solar power industries is mainly driving the global market for optical coatings. Anti-reflective and effective light transmission features of optical coatings is expected to increase the production sales of optical coatings across the globe. There is increasing demand for exceptionally resourceful coating technologies from industries such as aerospace, defense, food packaging and medical, which will further drive the sales of optical coatings. However, fluctuating rates of raw materials is likely to create hindrances in the growth of global market for optical coatings.

Companies namely II-VI Optical Systems, ZEISS Group, Zygo Corporation, Artemis Optical, Helia Photonics Ltd., and Optics Balzers amongst others will observe a substantial growth worldwide. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing strategies such as product developments and expanding their product portfolio. Apart from this, II-VI Incorporated is also contributing significantly towards the expansion of global market for optical coatings.

II-VI Incorporated Launches UV Optical Coatings for Biomedical Instruments

II-VI Incorporated launches a product line of UV (ultraviolet) fluorescence filters for biomedical life sciences instrumentation, which also includes imaging, sequencing and flow cytometry platforms. Healthcare manufacturers can focus on this innovative technology as there is increasing cases of immunology, infectious diseases and cancer biology. Spectral profiles with steep slopes and high transmission are the key features of UV fluorescence filters, which enables extreme instrument sensitivity. The new addition has expanded the infrared and visible filters product portfolio of II-VI Incorporated.

II-VI Incorporated Unveils Scan Lenses for Rapid Micro Materials Processing

II-VI Incorporated unveils new scan lenses for rapid increase in micro materials processing, with regards to mid and near infrared spectrum. There is increasing need for beam delivery resolutions in manufacturing sectors, which helps in attaining supreme quality, precision and versatility at every material processing stage.

By integrating optics based on fused silica materials and zinc sulfide multispectral, II-VI Incorporated has developed a small and light scan lenses, which functions at a single micron wavelength. This enables rapid increase in micro materials processing along with fiber lasers. Apart from this, the company has introduced an exclusive housing design, which enables in sealing scan lenses, thereby attaining high transmission at nearly five micron wavelength. This enables micro materials processing together with CO (carbon monoxide) lasers.

II-VI Incorporated Launches Innovative Optical Coatings for Direct Diode & Fiber Laser Applications

II-VI Incorporated launches freeform beam-shaping laser optics for direct diode and fiber laser applications. With regards to laser-centered materials processing, there has been considerable increase in the number of applications. There are engineered beam geometries, which help in maximizing equipment size and cost along with process efficiency. Freeform diamond turning proficiencies of the company offers high-power laser optics together with complete surface finish. This enables design of the supremely differentiated beam shaping optical methods to be utilized in innovative laser processing heads. II-VI Incorporated is leveraging its supreme knowledge in the freeform nanotechnology surfacing systems, for delivering exclusive designs, which would benefit in optimizing laser-centered materials processing projects.

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