Innovative 3D Printed Medical Devices to Be a Game-Changer for Healthcare Industry

3D Printed Medical Devices Market

3D printing helps in creating three-dimensional object by means of constructing successive deposits of raw material. Every new layer is connected to the earlier one unless and until the object is thoroughly complete. Objects are manufactured with the help of a digital 3D categorizer such as a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) or CAD (computer-aided design). The compliance of 3D printing provides the designers with a chance to make modifications easily excluding the need for setting up additional tools or equipment. It also allows manufacturers to construct devices matching up with the anatomy of a patient, which is a patient-specific device with composite internal structures. These proficiencies have generated huge concern in medical devices’ 3D printing along with other products such as automotive parts, household items and food. A research firm, Future Market Insights, is of the view that increasing incidence of chronic diseases together with rising awareness with regards to personal care is driving the growth of global market for 3D printed medical devices market. Moreover, orthopaedic implants have the major usage of 3D medical devices.

Stratasys Unveiled Innovative 3D Printed Medical Device

Stratasys has aimed at developing a device which would strengthen medical training by cutting on cadaver costs. The innovative product namely BioMimics will help medical testing and training physicians in 3D printing of life-like vascular systems, hearts and bones. BioMimics will be combining with PolyJet 3D technology of Stratasys along with other multiple materials. The over-all aim of the device development is to match up with medical pros that will be seen in existent scenarios. BioMimics holds the power to replicate bones, hearts, spine and its ligaments & discs. On vascular basis, BioMimics will manually replicate a poor vessel of 50 year aged with plaque and calcification. Hearts would be made available in a complete wide-ranging conditions from adults to the pediatric patients.

Formlabs Introduces 3D Printing Factory – The Form Cell

The digital factory of Formlabs has unveiled the Form Cell which is a system for batch manufacturing utilizing Form 2 SLA (stereolithography) 3D printers & the Fuse 1 which is its desktop distinguishing SLS (laser sintering) machine. The firm has since then technologically advanced the second production of its flagship machine which is the Form 2 as well as released various accessories and materials inclusive of the latest Form Wash and Form Cure devices for post-handling SLA prints. The common trait of Fuse 1 and Form Cell is the reduced price per part. By connecting low-price Form 2 machines in a setup that is automated makes it possible for the customers to generate a digital factory for expanding other manufacturing devices to support applications such as mass customization with regards to medical products. For instance, a company chains custom 3D-printed forms which is taken from 3D scans of the teeth of patient along with vacuum creating, in order to produce patient-tailored aligners.

3D printing medical devices have applications mainly in cranial and orthopedic implants, dental repairs such as external prosthetics and crowns as well as surgical instruments. In this advanced technological world, manufacturers of medical devices are also stepping up their efforts by developing devices considering the guidance documents of FDA and system regulations regarding quality for manufacturing cost-efficient and risk-free devices.

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