Healthcare Companies to Enter Merger and Acquisition to Expand Product Portfolio of Life Support System

Life Support Systems Market

A life support system is natural or artificial system used to provide life supporting devices or sources such as food, water, oxygen, pressure, temperature control and removal of body waste and carbon di-oxide that helps patient to survive. It includes both invasive and non-invasive system for versatile application in trauma incidences or surgery support. Life support system are primarily used to support the functioning of various body organs and system. It is basically necessary in severe cases of organ failures such as heart lungs and brain. It helps to restore body functions such as breathing, blood circulation, airway restoration and maintenance of patient’s homeostasis. Life support system plays a crucial role in patient’s management in emergency patient management at intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units and emergency departments.

Increasing advancement in medical technology coupled with increasing incidences of trauma cases and critical disorders is highly likely to surge demand for life support systems. Thereby, several manufacturing companies are investing heavily in research & development field to introduce latest technology in their existing product portfolio. Moreover, key players in the global life support system market are strongly focusing to enter potential mergers and acquisitions in order to gain market recognition on global platform in coming years.

Royal Phillips to Acquire Respirtech

Royal Phillips, a healthcare products company announced to acquire RespirTech which is a manufacturer of respiratory enhancement devices. This is highly attributed to rising number of cases of COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases) and cystic fibrosis worldwide. In order to expand product portfolio for sleep care and respiratory devices, Royal Phillips is looking forward for acquisition of RespirTech. Thereby, Royal Phillip is likely to retain string market position as a broad provider of home-use and hospital solutions in the near future.

Acquisition of TandemLife by LivaNova plc.

The UK based medical technology company LivaNova announced that the company has entered an agreement to acquire a private held company, TandemLife. TandemLife is Pittsburgh based company which specializes in cardiopulmonary temporary support solutions. The company’s product portfolio is built around controller and common pump which includes pMCS (Percutaneous mechanical circulatory support) and ECLS (Extracorporeal life support), complementary to cardiac surgery products offered by LivaNova. With the growing demand for pMCS and ECLS system in hospitals, LivaNova is highly likely to leverage customer base and increase penetration in North America in order to expand business on global level.

Integration of Technological Advancement to Enhance Patient’s Diagnosis and Customized Treatment

Some of the renowned healthcare product companies such as Koninklijke Philips N.V and Medtronic PLC are teaming up together in order to develop an innovative patient management system. It is dedicated for modernised tracking and early detection of lung cancer among patients. The LungGPS Patient Management Platform by Phillips and Mediatronic is anticipated to closely monitor potential malignant tumour throughout diagnosis, treatment and long term survivorship.

Another giant medical company, Stryker Corporation and manufacturing company of 3D printers, 3D System has jointly announced a partnership in order to develop craniomaxillofacial procedures and enhance personalised surgical technologies for healthcare professionals. Rising advancement in 3D printing together with VSP (Virtual surgical planning) and anatomical modelling technologies is likely to offer 3D visualization of anatomy of patient and aid in development of personalised surgical plan.

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