Handling Convenience Feature of Gusseted Bags to Increase Its Consumer Base

Gusseted Bags Market

Packaging market has significantly shifted its preference from plastic and wooden containers to gusseted bags. Retaining freshness and handling convenience are the major factors driving the sales of gusseted bags. However, high cost of gusseted bags compared to traditional bags is likely to hinder the growth of global market for gusseted bags.

A recent study by Future Market Insights anticipates a sluggish 2.8% CAGR growth of the global market for gusseted bags during the period, 2017-2026. The global market is expected to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 26,008.8Mn by 2026-end. Developing convenient and effective gusseted bags for the end-users will be a noteworthy trend influencing the growth of gusseted bags market in the coming years. The study further provides valuable landscapes related to the growth of global market for gusseted bags in the near future.

The analysts who are part of the development of this report, have delivered beneficial insights on how the global market for gusseted bags will expand through 2026. In addition, analysts have responded to the key concerns of the industry stockholders and market viewers.

How is Food and Beverage sector beneficial for expansion of the global market?

The F&B sector is working towards ensuring the taste, quality and freshness of dry F&B products. Therefore, gusseted bags help in the packaging of dry processed F&B products on a larger basis. Lately, even beauty products and frozen food products are demanding for gusseted bags.

Which material of gusseted bags do you think will gain maximum traction? Why?

Well, polyethylene is expected to be the most preferred material, especially in the food packaging industry. Manufacturers are working towards increasing the provision of polyethylene gusseted bags with high-quality and additional fabric that would expand the capacity of gusseted bags. These bags will gain maximum traction in the forthcoming years owing to its hygienic and safety benefits.

Why do you think side gusseted bags are beneficial compared to bottom gusseted bags?

Side gusseted bags consists of a flat bottom, which helps in expanding the bag size, resulting in more space. These bags also hold capacity to fit-in more small size products that leads to considerably less wastage of the particular product. Side gusseted bags can hold sharp edge products as well.

What are the manufacturers planning to do for expanding their consumer base?

Manufacturers are working on producing gusseted bags by integrating environment friendly raw materials. This is resultant of the stringent regulations that is implemented by several governments across the globe, in order to protect the environment. Moreover, ban on the usage of plastic bags is also leading to increasing demand for eco-friendly bags.

Can you provide some valuable insights on the regions in the global market?

Yes. APEJ is expected to be dominant in the global market for gusseted bags, during the forecast period. North America is likely to be lucrative for gusseted bags market in the near future. In Canada and the U.S., there is increasing need for convenient and portable packaging, which is driving the demand for gusseted bags in the region.

Who are the key players in the global market for gusseted bags?

Key players profiled by our analysts include United States Plastics Corp, American Plastics Company, Poly Pak Plastics, Maco PKG, Pacific Bag Inc., Columbia Burlap & Bag Company and Clear View Bag Company. By introducing innovative gusseted bags, the key players are concentrating on attaining a competitive edge in the global market for gusseted bags.

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