Global Breast Pump Market: Latin America to Remain at Leading Position

Breast Pump Market

Extraction of milk from lactating women can be done by the use of breast pumps. These devices are available in two types such as battery powered and manual. A report on global breast pump market has been generated by Future Market Insights. A researcher has fielded several question based on the forecasted information of global breast pump market.

What is your take on growth of global breast pumps market?

Well, the global market for breast pumps is estimated to grow at 4.6% CAGR during 2017-2027. The market was pegged at US$ 1370 Mn in the year 2017 and is anticipated to reach valuation of nearly US$ 2154 Mn in terms of revenues by the end of 2027.

Why do you think the market will exhibit at significant growth?

Rising women workforce combined with increased awareness about human milk banks as well as temporary breastfeeding problems such as nipple soreness, engorgement, breast refusal, and poor attachment are the key factors anticipated to propel the growth of the market over the foreseeable future.

Does the market has been segmented on the basis of end-users, what are the leading users in the global market?

The market has been segmented into healthcare facilities and homecare settings on the basis of end-user. Rising demand for high end breast pumps attracts for better performance and throughput, which is likely to create opportunities for introduction new products in the foreseeable future, which is likely to drive the growth of the market. The homecare setting is likely to contribute more to the end-user type segment. The segment is anticipated to contribute 63.1% to the growth of the category by the end of 2027, in terms of revenues.

Why do you think open system breast pump segment will lead the market?

The open system breast pump segment procured nearly three-fifth revenue share of the global market in the year 2016, thereby it is anticipated that this segment is likely to maintain its position in the global market. Further, the segment is anticipated to showcase significant expansion in the foreseeable future.

On the basis of technology, which is the largest segment of the market?

Well, the electric breast pump segment procured largest valuation in the market and is projected to remain the largest segment in the market over the forecast period. However, the manual breast pump segment is estimated to expand at considerably low rate to reach valuation of the market to US$ 623 Mn by the end of 2027.

What is your take in the expansion of the market on the regional level?

The market in the Latin America was anticipated to procure approximately 26.8% revenue share of the total market in the year 2016. Owing to rise in number of working mother, the demand for these pumps has been increased in the developing countries. Breast pumps are usually utilized as the life saving device for the infants who cannot be feed directly from the breast. Owing to great advantages and features of the breast pumps, these are preferred by homecare settings.

What are the leading players in the global breast pump market?

Koninklijke Philips N.V., Ameda Inc., Pigeon Corporation, Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd., Newell Brands, and Medela Inc. are the leading players operating in the market. However, Hygeia II Medical Group Inc., Linco Baby Merchandise Works Co., Ltd., Bailey Medical, and Mayborn Group Ltd. have also consolidated their footprints in the market.

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