Fabric Care Manufacturers Eyeing Emerging Markets to Gain Competitive Advantage

Fabric care products are utilized on a regular basis in households across the globe, making them a significant household cleaning product. They are available in a broad variety pertaining to the requirements. Moreover, there are several developments showcased by the FMCG industry pertaining to the increasing demand for FMCG products. The changing approach to fabric care has given rise to novel innovations, thereby boosting the demand for fabric care products.

Novel Innovations to Help Eradicate Plastic Waste

While plastic waste has triggered alarming scenarios across the globe with the prevalence of plastic pollution in developing countries alone has illustrated concerning circumstances.  It has been witnessed that the use of consumer goods such as fabric care products has increasingly contributed to the overall plastic waste witnessed around the world. Owing to this, the leading providers of fabric care products and players in the fabric care market aim at reducing plastic waste.

For example, Unilever PLC, a recognized player in the fabric care market has taken initiatives to cut plastic waste in developing nations. With an investment of nearly €100k in the development of a fabric care product, a plastic-free laundry tablet. By using a plant-based coating for protecting every tablet from humidity, the company aims at cutting down plastic packaging which is being used for the same purpose.

Utilizing Online Distribution Channel to Upscale Supply

With the prevalence of electronic commerce and the increasing popularity gained by online platforms is becoming a great opportunistic area for nearly all businesses. The ease and convenience offered by online platforms have garnered the attention of modern-day consumers. Owing to this, the businesses are inclining towards online distribution to support the growth of fabric care product supply.

For example, Procter & Gamble, a leading fabric care market competitor is pushing to adapt to online platforms for product deliveries. As a part of this effort, P&G’s laundry detergent brand, Tide will be shipping its product in a box, which will be distributed through the well-known online shopping brand, Amazon. The Tide Eco-Box has a twist-to-open option with a pull-out stand and measuring cup.

The fabric care market research report presented by Future Market Insights maps the significant factors that are expected to influence the future fabric care market scenario. The detailed segmentation assessment and regional overview further uncover the opportunities that could allow prominent fabric care product providers to gain a competitive edge. Moreover, the inclusion of strategic developments illustrated by established fabric care market players helps the new market entries in effective decision making.

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