E-Commerce Companies Reap Profits with Increasing Winter Essentials Demand

winter wear market

Electronic commerce companies in Nepal have been enjoying profits with the growing prevalence of online shopping. People in Nepal are inclining towards online shopping that tackles the challenges associated with traditional shopping such as negotiating over prices and dealing with crowded shops. Owing to these scenarios, the customers are moving towards a simplified and cost-effective alternative in terms of e-commerce. This has resulted to be a profit gaining factor for the e-commerce businesses in Nepal who, according to e-commerce traders, conduct transactions of nearly $25 million per year.

Seasonal-picks to Remain Profit Enablers

The seasonal products and picks are amongst the key products that provide the e-commerce companies, major opportunities for gaining profits. With the changing requirements based on seasons, consumers need products that are cost-effective as they are to be used for a limited span. E-commerce businesses often harness this as an opportunity by flooding the market with seasonal offers and impactful campaigns. Hence, on account of the crest of the winter season, online shopping platforms such as Sastodeal, Daraz, Urban Girl, and E-sewa Pasal are launching or planning the launch of new and appealing winter offers and schemes, to benefit from the demand for winter commodities. Daraz stated that launched a shopping campaign for offering free nationwide delivery services for the grocery goods by Dmart, along with a variety of deals on other products. Similarly, Sastodeal is also planning to launch effective offers for Christmas and New Year.

With the commencement of winter season, the online shopping companies are also witnessing a rising demand for other winter essentials including heaters, food warmers, electric blankets, electric kettles, books, and others. Traders stated that winter wear and durable goods are termed to be the most-selling products during the winter season. E-sewa Pasal also stated the rising demand for grocery and liquor products in winter.

Consumer Spending on Winter Wear Reflects a Rise

The rising spending capacity plays a major role in both, the proliferation of online shopping and the growing consumer spending capacity of apparels such as the winter wear. Moreover, with the modernized designs and new styles of wearable and clothing approaching in the market, the winter wear market has undergone major innovations in terms of style and looks. The new styles and trending fashion attracting the attention of customers is becoming a necessary aspect to be covered by the winter wear market participants. This has greatly influenced the online shopping websites that provide their customers with latest and trending fashion.

Actionable insights on the global winter wear market provide an in-depth understanding of the market, which can be availed here.