Dowty Propeller Signed Contract on China’s Aircraft as well as Breaks Ground on New Headquarters in UK

Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System Market

A turboprop engines are utilized for the propulsion of aircraft propeller, it is usually a turbine engine. The Aircraft Turboprop Propeller system in contrast to a turbojet does not utilizes energy from exhaust gases to generate the trust as it uses all the engine’s power to drive the propellers. According to Future Market Insights the global aircraft turboprop propeller system market is likely to exhibit significant CAGR during 2018-2028. Several key companies such as Dowty Propellers operating in the global market has been continuously contributing to the growth of the market. 

Dowty Propellers Signs Contract for Propeller System on China’s MA700 Aircraft

Dowrty Propellers has recently signed a master contract for its propeller system in MA700 including the company’s development, production, design, and in-service support for the twin-engine regional airliner from AVIC Aircraft Co. Ltd. The master contract comprises of joint development phase for MA700’s propeller system that includes six composite blades with improved swept design and the propeller electronic controller, which delivers automatic control via all phases of flight. The president of Dowty Propeller, Oliver Towers stated that they are keen to create a strengthening relationship with AVIC Aircraft team in developing the aircraft and the company is looking forward to make it successful entry into service.

Delivery of the first flightworthy MA700 propeller hardware is estimated to be delivered by the second half of 2019, with type certification targeted in 2021. Dowty Propellers’ proven R408 propeller system is likely to be installed in MA700 that already has accrued large number of flight time in facility on regional airplanes across the globe. The MA700 has been developed as the China’s latest turboprop airplane, which is likely to be power-driven by Pratt and Whitney turboprop engines. The airliner is shaped for regional air conveyance’s medium-capacity segment. 

Dowty Propellers Breaks Ground on New Headquarters in UK

Dowty Propellers, a producer of aircraft propeller systems for military and civil applications has recently made an announcement of approval to build a new plant in Gloucester area. This is owing to the fire that ruined its operative headquarters as well as manufacturing facility of blades. The facility is likely to be opened in the beginning of 2019.

Dowty Propeller has also announced the beginning of millions of technology development project to provide capabilities for both future propulsion system and propeller systems. Richard Harrington, UK business minister stated that Dowty Propellers’ decision to build a new facility showcases increasing quality of skilled local jobs as well as significant strength of aerospace sector of the UK. Propelling innovations is the best part of their modern industrial strategy. This is the key reason behind government’s support to Dowty Propellers. Gary Elliot, CEO of Aerospace Technology Institute states that improved technologies that are likely to enable minimization of noise and fuel burn.

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