Development of Robotic and Transdermal Solutions to Transform Animal Healthcare Landscape

‘Cattle Herding Robot’ to Minimize Animal Stress with Lesser Human Contact

Cargill, Inc., American agricultural company lately revealed development of cattle herding robot, first ever initiative in the animal healthcare industry. The ag-tec robot is likely to improve employee safety and animal welfare by shifting cattle from the pens towards harvest area. The all-new cattle herding robot is highly beneficial in reducing stress of the animals by eliminating their contact with the humans. This in turn protects employees from over 1,300 pound animals, thereby excluding potential safety hazards.

Note: The all-new robotic cattle driver by Cargill, Inc., is a significant innovation in the welfare and handling of farm animals.

Furthermore, this device is likely to lead towards huge strides in the safety of employees, thereby moving large animals as well as reducing stress on the cattle across the nation. With the help of waving automated arms, recordings and blowers, employees in Cargill, Inc., can operate robot for moving the cattle in required direction. According to sources from Cargill, Inc., the robots are operational in all the weather conditions without any delay in the day-to-day operations. This new innovation offers safer workplace for the employees as well as enables them in developing new technology expertise while operating and managing the robots.

New Product to Control and Treat Intestinal Parasites of Cats

Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company in Germany recently launched CENTRAGARD™, an innovative internal parasite protection for the cats. It has been witnessed that there is rising incidences of heartworm disease amongst the cats, which is serious as well as potentially deadly. Diagnosis of this disease in cats is said to be difficult with no lack of availability of approved treatments for eliminating feline heartworm infections. In order to cater to the former mentioned issues, Boehringer Ingelheim has taken immense efforts in developing CENTRAGARD™, a eprinomectin as well as praziquantel transdermal solution. This product is recognized as a monthly heartworm diseases preventive product for the cats and is to be applied topically.

CENTRAGARD™ is approved to control and treat three most occurring intestinal parasites of the cats, namely, tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. According to the current scenario, this solution is the only product available for the protection of cats against spectrum of parasites, by means of easy-to-use transdermal formulation. According to American Heartworm Society, one in four cats are diagnosed with the heartworm disease, especially the indoor-only pets. Sources from animal healthcare institutes are of the viewpoint that increasing number of heartworms amongst the cats are leading to crucial signs and ultimate death. Owing to which, significant increase in demand for preventive measures is witnessed form the pet owners.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on animal healthcare market indicates, rapidly surging technologies enabling in safety of animal caretakers, thereby improving animal welfare is likely to pose lucrative prospects for the growth and development of overall animal healthcare market.

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