Developing Innovative Security Systems to Drive Demand & Supply of Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Market

Key players as well as manufacturers in the penetration testing market are taking immense efforts in introducing new products, thereby working on their business partnerships along with various other key players. Apart from this, rapid increase in number of the data breaches as well as growing adoption of the cloud computing services and solutions have been contributing significantly towards growth of penetration testing market across the globe.

A thorough analysis on a holistic basis was taken up by a research company, which later revealed beneficial figures and facts with regards to penetration testing market. The global report displays that penetration testing market is estimated to grow at 13.9% CAGR during the assessment period, 2017-2027. Besides, analysts found out that penetration testing market is expected to reach an estimate of closely US$ 1988.1Mn by the end of 2027.

Key players prevailing in the penetration testing market across the globe are inclusive of Contrast Security, IBM Corporation, VERACODE, Inc., Whitehat Security, Qualys, Inc., Contrast Security and LTD. Key players and manufacturers are increasing their focus towards developing strategies for innovating as well as launching new products, which in turn would help them in business expansion as well as rapid increase in customer-base across the globe.

Contrast Security Acquires Heavy Amount in New Funding

Key players together with manufacturers can take note of the point that Contrast Security has raised a heavy amount in Series C round with regards to financing that is led by the Battery Ventures. This has been working up with the additional backing from VC (venture capital) firms, General Catalyst and Acero Capital. Contrast Security has been combining security and DevOps without letting the performance being affected. Heavy investments can be made in the Contrast Security as it holds a technology that protects against OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

IBM Corporation Unveils Innovative Power System Servers

Key players together with manufacturers can take note of the point that IBM Corporation has recently unveiled a range of power system servers, which deals with intensive computing assignments at the organizations that have been utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence). The focal point here is that these cutting-edge power system servers integrate newly created POWER9 processor. This server has been introduced for the purpose of compute-intensive AI assignments. Notable companies can take account of the point that adoption of this new server will be beneficial for receiving accurate AI applications.

Apart from all this, the cutting-edge power system servers can benefit data scientists with regards to faster development of applications, ranging from the credit risk analysis, real-time scam detection as well as acute learning insights in the scientific research. Besides, IBM Corporation has been currently working on several projects with various banks across India that are in supreme need of penetration testing related systems, thereby utilizing artificial intelligence for the purpose of risk detection and fraud. Also, POWER9 has been considered as a processor that is the core requirement of Energy Department of US’ ‘Sierra’ as well as ‘Summit’ supercomputers.

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