Cost-Effectiveness of Cling Films to Stimulate Growth of the Market at a Rapid Pace

Cling Film Market

Global market has been witnessing rapid increase in customer inclination towards wrapping methods with cling films over the conventional techniques such as shrink wrap and hand wrap. Packaged foods are gaining significant traction in the developing economies since the recent past. Cost-effective feature of cling films is expected to drive the materials demand, especially in food industry in the upcoming years.

Future Market Insights took up a comprehensive analysis relating the cling film market, which later helped them in disclosing facts and figures regarding the cling film market for the coming years. Report indicates that the cling film market will progress at a steady 5.8% CAGR over the projected period 2018-2028, for touching an estimation of approximately US$ 1.9Bn by the end of 2028.

Organizing favorable cling films, which can be extremely lucrative for end-users will mostly be considered as a trend that is positively impacting on growth of the cling film market across the globe. Significantly important information in relation to growth of the cling film market for the projected period has also been offered by the analysts. Moreover, all the analysts, totally part of the development of report have taken up immense efforts in assuring that they have satisfied the growing concerns of market audiences and industry allies in the cling film market.

What can be the probable factors that are obstructing the growth of cling film market?

Analysis so far is of the viewpoint that these cling films are harmful to health to a certain extent as there are possibilities that chemicals present in the storage boxes with cling films can leak in the food. Apart from this, increasing number of cling film alternatives are also expected to restrain the overall growth of cling films market.

Do you have any idea what is trending in the cling films market? If yes, mention them.

Usage of biodegradable cling films has been significantly trending in the cling film market. This is due to the superior benefits that it possesses compared to commercial plastics that are starch-based.

Can we have some valuable information on the regional landscape with regards to cling film market?

Yes. Analysis displays that developing countries such as India and China will prove highly lucrative for the tremendous revenue growth of cling film market during the forecast period due to considerable growth in food retail industry.

What can be the probable factors that are supporting the growth of cling film market?

Analysis so far is of the viewpoint that heavy investments from foreign manufacturers in local markets due to expanding food retail sector has been significantly driving demand for the cling films.

What about manufacturers in the cling film market? What are they up to?

Well, manufacturers in the cling film market are working towards concentrating on the untapped markets for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures. Apart from this, manufacturers along with key players are planning to adopt advanced and innovative techniques that would help them in improving their product portfolio, thereby expanding customer-base.

Can you jot in names of major companies in the cling film market?

Well, yes I surely can. Analysts have jotted down Berry Global Inc., BFG Packaging S.R.L., Adex S.r.l., Multi Wrap (PTY) LTD, Wrapex Ltd., Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Rotofresh – Rotochef s.r.l. and ITS B.V. among others as major companies in the cling film market.

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