Cooling Systems to Stimulate Production Sales of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Market

Manufacturers and several important players are taking immense efforts in developing effective products, which hold minimal maintenance as well as innovation with regards to power technologies that can help in necessary breakthroughs. In addition, they are planning to offer high quality products and are utilizing alternate fuels for the purpose of decreasing operational costs as well as emissions, thereby increasing efficiency.

A research firm has taken up a comprehensive analysis on the report named market for aircraft ground support equipment, thereby disclosing valuable figures and facts related to the global market. Report indicates that market for aircraft ground support equipment is anticipated to develop at 6.5% CAGR during 2017-2027, in order to touch an estimation of nearly US$ 14.1Bn by the end of 2027.

Most important players operating in the global market for aircraft ground support equipment are inclusive of Cavotec SA, ALVEST Group, and DENGE Airport Equipment, Mulag Fahrzeugwerk Heinz Wössner GmbH u. Co. KG, Lektro Inc., HYDRO Systems KG and Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. Manufacturers and the most important players have been concentrating on innovating and introducing new products that would cater to their business expansion plans as well as increasing customer-base worldwide.

Cavotec SA Supplying Aircraft Ground Support Equipment to Bahrain International Airport

Manufacturers and the most important players can take note of the point that Cavotec SA has received a considerably huge order for aircraft ground cooling systems from the Bahrain International Airport. The Sub-Freezing Dual Blower DX Arctic PCA of Cavotec SA is likely to be installed in Bahrain International Airport for nearly a €8m. The notable point here is that Cavotec SA will be commissioning, testing, installing, engineering and designing the units as well as will be additionally providing in-ground pit system. These systems will help in reducing the number of vehicles that would be utilized for the purpose of aircraft services.

Another important point here is that this contract is regarded as a major part in the modernization project of the airport. The modernization project is inclusive of redevelopment of the existing facilities, installation of remote stands and contact gates as well as new terminal buildings. Major companies in the global market for aircraft ground support equipment can note that these efforts by Bahrain International Airport will help them in expanding their passenger numbers at the airport

Heavy investments can be made in Cavotec SA as the company’s aircraft cooling PCA unit have been utilized across the globe along with various other aircraft in both cold and hot climates. The notable point her is that the Sub-Freezing Dual Blower DX Arctic PCA of Cavotec SA helps in improving passenger comfort as well as operational efficiency, thereby decreasing environmental impact.

Ardian & CDPQ Acquire Significant Shares in ALVEST Group

According to the current scenario, Ardian and CDPQ (Caisse de dépôt ET placement du Québec) have acquired significant share in ALVEST Group. The most important point here is that this acquisition has benefitted ALVEST Group with enhancement of its capacity, which is inclusive of airport authorities, ground handlers, cargo airlines as well as passenger airlines. Ardian and CDPQ (Caisse de dépôt ET placement du Québec) are expected to provide major support to the development strategies and projects of ALVEST Group.

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