Automotive Sector to Continue Fuelling the Production Sales of Flexible Colored PU Foams

Flexible Colored PU Foams Market

Increasing number of industrial and commercial sector to fuel the production sales of flexible colored PU foams in the forthcoming years. The global market for flexible colored PU foams is likely to witness usage in various applications, especially in automotive and furniture seating industry is likely to influence the manufacturers to develop more advanced and innovative flexible colored PU foams.

Apart from this, there has been increasing demand from construction and automobile industry. Also, there is growing demand from furniture and interior sector since the recent past. Packaging sector is observed to have increasing demand for the colored PU foams and this trend is likely to continue in the forthcoming years. Rising usage of flexible colored PU foams for the purpose of developing advanced and innovative carpets, chairs mattresses and luxury couches is expected to drive the production sales of colored PU foams in the near future.

However, fluctuating prices of raw materials and environmental regulations are expected to pose significant challenges in the growth of global market for flexible colored PU foams. Companies namely BASF SE, Era Polymers Pty Ltd, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Huntsman Corporation, Rogers Corporation Stepan Company, Recticel SA and Carpenter Company amongst others will witness a notable growth globally.

BASF Innovates Its Foam Simulator Tool

BASF recently announced that it has innovated its simulator tool named Ultrasim that predicted the curing and foaming of its flexible colored PU foam, which is Elastofoam I. This foam is largely utilized for the purpose of car steering wheels. Key players are to note that this newly innovative Ultrasim at present simulates chemical reactions in detail along with flow behavior of the PU foam in mould. Apart from this, notable point is that this simulation is done for the purpose of processes and during environmental situations such as special component elements like cables and metal skeleton, material concentration, pressure and temperature.

Apart from this, Ultrasim can currently identify crucial air voids within the component, adapt to the air vents as well as design long-lasting manufacturing process. Manufacturers must note that these steps are taken in order to cater to the increasing needs of steering wheel. Moreover, the stimulation process is based on wide-ranging complex material and material data laws. Manufacturers will benefit with the adoption of this product as it affects filling behavior as well as the consequent density distribution. Key players and manufacturers can rely on this product for the significant expansion of their business on a larger basis.

BASF Introduces Online Sale Process for the Automotive Refinish Coatings

BASF recently introduced coatings flagship super store on the major online B2B (business to business) platform of China, named ‘’. Key players must develop such unique online shopping techniques as it now helps China’s Body shops to buy refinish paints online. The notable point is that ‘’ is likely to feature the innovative Yindi Ready Mix Color variety. This is an advanced color palette of nearly 30 of most popular and latest varieties for leading automotive manufacturers in China.

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