Applications in Liquid Purification Processes to Boost Demand for Floating Covers

Floating Covers Market

Floating covers are covers that are set upon above-ground liquid reservoirs that help in the prevention of contaminants mixing with stored liquid from external sources that which can affect the potability of water, increase evaporation of the stored fluids, stop foul smells, and eliminate the creation of volatile organic compounds. Reservoirs that make use of floating covers will display improved chemical stability, and minimize the application of chemical balancers for the safe storage of consumable water, which is anticipated to increase demand in the long run.

Moreover, floating covers have a design that require minimal maintenance. Floating covers are manufactured by using geo-membranes that have been treated to have a high tolerance to ultraviolet rays and minimal permeability, to make sure of the safety of the liquid against contaminants such as dust, rain, and others, also creating impetus for demand in the years to come.

Waste Water Treatment Plants to Act as Major End Users

The wastewater and liquid treatment sectors are expected to push the demand for floating covers in conjunction with submersible pumps forwards throughout the world. A number of industries worldwide such as food processing, chemical, & brewing, among others are generating a demand for floating covers to protect the growing amount of storage facilities for industrial effluents for appropriate treatment procedures. This is expected to strongly drive the rise of the worldwide floating covers market in the future.

China and India are anticipated to provide lucrative opportunities to floating cover manufacturers. This can be attributed to the increased preference for using floating covers for numerous sectors such as agriculture and wastewater among others. Also, the growing public awareness about the optimal procedures for storing water and treating wastewater will act as key drivers for the rise of the floating covers market worldwide.

Increased Technological Innovations to Accentuate Physical Properties

Major manufacturers involved the development of modern floating covers include GSE Environmental, Inc., Raven Industries Inc., Cooley Group, Royal TenCate, FLI France SAS, Nilex Inc., Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc., Hexa-Cover A/S, Aquatan (Pty) Ltd., and Advanced Water Treatment Technologies, among others. All of them are increasingly putting focus on material and design improvements to enhance performance, and the range of functionality.

Businesses that are involved in the manufacturing of floating covers giving higher importance to bettering the physical properties of floating covers, along with increasing market presence through  strategic collaborations.

For example, Hexa-cover by Aeramix is an innovative floating cover variant that is designed to be a cover made from multiple six sided platforms that align with each other with the help of the wind and covers the entire liquid surface, without any overlapping. It is ideal for applications in farming, mining, and water treatment facilities, particularly in drought prone areas by reducing evaporation by up to 80 per cent.

Similarly, the range of floating covers by FLI France SAS offers users superior weather resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, and affordable cost, with improved flexibility. These aspects of the floating covers makes them perfect for different kinds of uses including treatment, of wastewater, chemicals, and others that will significantly drive market demand.

Europe and North America in particular will account for a large market share of floating covers in the years to come. Developing countries in Latin America and the MEA great opportunities for floating covers manufacturers. This can be attributed to the rising implementation of floating covers in sectors including agriculture and food processing & brewing among others in these regions.

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