Market Insight Of The Rapidly Growing Copper Foil Industry: FMI Analyzes

Copper Foil

Even though all of the disruptions were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the copper foil market managed to generate revenues from worldwide sales of over US$ 6.7 Billion. The growing consumer electronics industry is majorly responsible for the overall revenue generated by the market. The Asia-Pacific is continuing its dominance over the copper foil market and holds the major portion of the value generated by it. All leading manufacturers of copper foils have focused their attention on innovations to stay in the global competitive landscape.

Significance Of The Copper Foil Market In The Consumer Electronics Industry

For the next decade and more, the application of copper foils will be critical in the PCB (printed circuit boards) industry. The electrodeposited copper foils are excellent substrates because of their low rate of surface oxygen and hence these are extensively used as a base layer for PCBs. These electronic grade copper foils are extensively used in modern calculators, smart televisions, automotive electronics, and QA equipment.

What Are The Reasons For The Growth Of The Copper Foil Market?

With the exponential growth of the consumer electronics industries all around the world, the demand for copper foils has seen an equal rise in demand. According to various market research, the consumer electronics industry has already reached a trillion-dollar value in 2019, and now it has been impacting the copper foils market significantly.

We all agree that consumer electronics have become an essential part of our daily lives, especially in this fast-evolving world. The onset of the latest innovations such as AI chips and 3D sensors have contributed a lot towards integrated augmented reality (AR) technologies. Now you can find such integrated experiences through your smartphone, smart TV, or smart wearable devices. Given the fast-paced lifestyle that everyone is living today, the need for comfort, and ease have been the top priorities among the consumers. And all these smart devices give the consumers what they wish for.

Hence, copper foils have become an indisputable resource in the success of this industry. Every trend developing in the industry is backed up by the copper foil market for over a decade now. And for the coming years too, the copper foil market is going to be an important element.

Regional Distribution Of Copper Foils

In the period between 2020 and 2030, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region will continue to dominate the copper foil industry. This region continues to offer adequate opportunities for growth and profitability in the subsequent market. The primary drivers in this region are the PCB manufacturing industries, the massive capacity of manufacturing PCBs and low-cost labor. China continues to be the leading producer with large-scale low-order, multi-layer, single, and double PCB products.

For the North American market, the rising in production and sales of electronics is responsible for the major demand for copper foils. Moreover, the US market is dominated by EV prominent industries like Tesla Inc., Chevrolet, BMW, etc. accounts for over 80% of the total EVs sold in 2019-2020.

With the increasing demand for energy storage, electric and hybrid cars, the copper foil market is expected to grow exponentially in the European region. Since 2018, the IES (International Energy Agency) has observed a significant growth in the adoption of electric vehicles. Moreover, the deployment of more and more electric buses on the streets has fueled the regional copper foil market.

Copper Foil Market: Competitive Landscape

The copper foil market is dominated amongst a handful of 10 players or more. These are the leading players in the industry responsible for product innovation and launches. For instance, Targray is the leading producer of battery-grade copper foils that are used to manufacture current collectors of an anode in LIBs. Schlenk AG manufactures specialized copper foils and strips based on the end-user specifications. Acrotech Ltd. is the leading producer of high-quality copper foils that comes in different grades developed from copper cathodes. 

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The global copper foil market will exhibit growth and development in the coming years owing to technological advancements and the rise in developing economies. With the increase in infrastructure development and the demand for more and more electrification, the industries will certainly see a bloom in their revenue by the end of the decade

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