Key Innovations in Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Market Key Regions and Application Chart

Aerial Work Platforms or AWP are mechanical aerial devices majorly used by construction or maintenance companies to reach certain inaccessible areas, most commonly at a height. An aerial work platform is basically a temporary platform that provides easy access to conduct the activities to be done at a height.

Aerial Work Platforms are commonly used in maintenance activities, construction activities, telecommunication activities, and in various industries like transport, mining, logistics, aerospace, defense and arboriculture.

There are various names for an aerial work platform- elevating work performance, aerial device, bucket truck or mobile elevating work platform. The Aerial Work Platforms are very important as they extensively provide flexible access especially in the maintenance of overhead lines in the power and telecommunication industry. What makes an AWP different from other permanent equipment is that it is really suitable during emergency situations (For example- Fire in a building). 

Key Innovations

The infrastructure sector is gaining importance widely which is further uplifting the market for Aerial Work Platforms. The AWPs can perform extremely well especially in the developing nations as the infrastructure sector is witnessing immense growth and improvements. 

Some of the key innovations that have happened in the aerial work platforms are- 

  • The Jack Boom Zebra 16 by Monitor Lifts featured the stabilized platforms. Knuckle Boom Lift known as the Jibbi Boom Lift by Almac Italia was released in 2019 which operates on different tracks and has self leveling abilities. 
  • Recent statistics show that the scissor lifts are sold over half of the aerial work platforms sold globally. The rapid development happening across the infrastructural sector in the developing nations is going to raise the demand for scissor lifts even more. Scissor lift is a type of platform that can usually move vertically with a support mechanism which is in a criss-cross X pattern and is often known as pantograph. 

There are two types of scissor lifts- electric scissor lifts and diesel scissor lifts, Charles Larson holds the patent for a scissor lift and even today holds the foundation for the development of scissor lifts. Recently, a new scissor lift was introduced namely Athena bi-levelling scissor lift which is an outdoor scissor lift. They come with self-expandable and contractible properties and can operate on steep slopes. 

  • Boom lifts are emerging as the second-largest selling aerial work platforms. They tend to reach greater heights when compared with a scissor lift. They are more versatile and flexible. Genie® S®-40 and S®-45 telescopic boom lifts increase productivity as they track the drive speed at a particular work site. They work best in tight construction and industrial sites. Haulotte Group launched a boom with an auto power-off system to limit the power consumption when the boom is not in use. 
  • Truck-mounted lifts yet another innovation that happened in the aerial work platform market. They have got wheels as an optional feature. The wheels installed in these lifts can maneuver in three different positions.  
  • Spider lifts are the most efficient kind of lifts/platforms. They give easy access to elevated areas in narrow areas. A spider lift works on three terms- the source of power, the height of the working site and lifting capacity.  

Leading companies/manufacturers of Aerial Work Platforms- 

  • Terex Corporation   
  • Aichi Corporation
  • Haulotte Group
  • Linamar Corporation
  • Hunan Sinoboom Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Manitou Group
  • Tadano Limited
  • Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co.Ltd.

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