Key Factors Driving Edible Nuts Demand in Europe

Edible Nuts Market Region wise data chart

With increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, people across the world are opting for healthy habits. Healthy habits include drinking the desired quantity of water, eating meals at equal intervals and snacking the right way.

Speaking of snacking, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends edible nuts as a very healthy snacking option as they are loaded with health and dietary benefits. Consumers have started making efforts to work on themselves by simply shifting from high in calorie and packed food items to healthy food options which offer a high nutritive value.  

The edible nuts industry has seen a major rise in demand over the years. This is mainly because the consumers are realizing the importance of nuts which is therefore driving the global edible nuts market. Obesity, back and knee issues, digestion problems, heart diseases etc. are commonly faced by people these days mainly because of the long working hours and no physical activity at all. So, the concern to stay fit arises and leads to the adoption of healthy eating habits.

Edible nuts are good sources of monounsaturated fats, protein, omega-3, fiber, magnesium, a lot vitamins and minerals. A human body needs everything in balance in order to function and deficiency of any of these nutrients leads to health problems. 

How is the Edible Nuts Market Growing in Europe?

The edible nuts market in Europe is turning out to be one of the most lucrative. The increasing awareness of the role of healthy eating is the major reason for growing sales. Studies suggest that Europe is expected to stay lucrative for edible nut manufacturers in the future.

 European consumers are shifting toward organic, sugar free or low in sugar and safe food items. The list of top European countries which demand and are expected to have the highest number of consumers of edible nuts include the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. 

The consumption of edible nuts in Europe is not just linked with the increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle but also with various other factors too. The European chocolate industry uses edible nuts in manufacturing different types of chocolates, the rising demand of plant based beverage in Europe lead to demand of edible nuts, the inclusion of edible nuts in various desserts and many more factors are viewed as the major factors contributing to the acceleration in the growth of edible nuts market in Europe. 

Key Factors Influencing Demand for Edible Nuts in Europe

The most prominent European countries which demand edible nuts include the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Italy. The factors which lead to the increase in demand of edible nuts in European countries are as follows- 

  • Increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles

According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of deaths globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million deaths every year. This has led to an increase in the awareness of healthy lifestyle amongst people. Various health awareness programs, seminars, webinars, online courses etc are being made available for the people across the world in order to infuse the importance of healthy lifestyles. 

Edible nuts are a major part of a healthy lifestyle. From serving as an on-the-go snack to adding nutritional value to a meal, the edible nuts are contributing a lot to healthy living. 

  • Food intake awareness and wide application of nuts– 

Because consumers are now focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they have started keeping a track of their food intake. The consumers want to be aware of the nutritional value of the food they are buying/cooking and eating. 

The use of edible nuts is increasing because of its wide application in the kitchens. The awareness of food intake amongst consumers has led to the infusion of the desired quantity of every ingredient being used in the preparation of a particular meal. 

  • Increasing purchasing power of the consumers

The purchasing power of the consumers is increasing every year which is elevating the consumption of expensive edible nuts. Edible nuts are usually on the expensive side and so not all consumers can afford to buy them regularly.

But the statistics show that the purchasing power of consumers has improved in the past few years. Moreover, the health benefits that come with edible nuts are considered absolutely worth buying by the consumers. 

  • Growing Use in chocolates-

Chocolates are known for the benefits they offer. They are good for boosting moods, improving heart health, powerful source of antioxidants, lowering blood pressure and so on. These days the chocolate manufacturing companies have started making dried fruits infused chocolates. It adds on to the nutritional value as well as the taste of the chocolate. A dark chocolate with nuts is a very prominent example of the same. 

  • On-the-go snack– 

Consumers are now aware of the fact that consuming edible nuts in between work or sometime during the day is better than having a big packet of fried chips or a burger. Almost every office bag has a small box full of edible nuts to be eaten as a snack. 

Which are the top companies in the edible nuts market?    

Some of the leading manufacturers of edible nuts are –

  • Schluter-maack
  • Organica Vita Ltd. London 
  • Terre54
  • Para Food S.R.O
  • Diamond Foods, Inc.
  • Olam International Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Growers
  • Mariani Nut Company
  • Select Harvests Limited

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