Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market Gains Impetus from Increased Government Initiatives to Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution has been an ever-increasing concern throughout the world, particularly in LMICs (low & middle-income countries), where the greater part of the cities neglect to conform to WHO air quality rules. As the industrial revolution has been picking up force, the test of air contamination in the industrial sector, both, outdoor and indoor, is getting increasingly pervasive. With an end goal to control this disturbing circumstance, governments are ordering strict guidelines and presenting activities, for example, the Clean Air Initiative. Makers of air quality monitoring equipment are shifting promptly to get these value-capture prospects. The estimation of the air quality monitoring equipment market would around twofold towards 2029 end, developing at a remarkable pace.

Commercial and Residential Sectors to Widen Market Growth Avenues

Government environment monitoring organizations and the industrial sector – petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals – would stay key revenue sources in the market for air quality monitoring equipment. Together, the air quality monitoring equipment deployment in these end-use sectors is slated to surpass US$ 5 Billion towards 2029 end. As government commands are getting stricter, the establishment of air quality monitoring equipment in commercial and residential segments – in corporate & academic institutions, and hotels & restaurants – would flood at a quicker pace.

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Europe and North America to Lead, APEJ to Present Opportunities

Europe and North America, catching close to 70% revenue share, would remain at the cutting edge of the market for air quality monitoring equipment. This revenue development is principally owing to entrenched tech-forward producers and strict administrative systems in these areas. Government standards in emerging regions have been careless; on the other hand, given the increasing mortalities because of air contamination in nations, for example, India, and China, these standards are getting stringent. Market participants are subsequently referring to chances of development and benefit in APEJ.

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Smart Air Quality Monitoring Equipment to Determine Future Prospects

Advanced technologies, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and automation, amid others, are resetting the bar for how players see the delivery and development of products. In addition, these developments are quickly changing the air pollution monitoring standard. For example, smart air quality monitoring equipment assists in the constant observing of air quality pair with decreasing the poisons present noticeable all around. Outfitted with air quality monitoring software, these smart devices could move high-tech data to a remote server. Such tech-empowered upgrades are reflecting worthwhile prospects for air quality monitoring system merchants in the approaching years.

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Representing around three-fourth of overall market valuation, indoor air quality monitors keep on drawing in noteworthy ventures from stakeholders. As this figure would follow a positive trend, market participants are profoundly centered on this monitoring equipment. Through 2021, indoor air quality monitors valuing more than US$ 4 Billion would be conveyed across different use cases. The value formation of indoor air quality monitors is probably going to be thrice that of outdoor variations over the years to come.

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