Coronavirus Spreads Beyond China, World in a Cold Sweat

The rapid spread of new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, with the death toll now at 563 in China, is prompting a global alarm. CNBC reported Wednesday that a total 28,018 cases have been confirmed in the country and 19 foreigners have been affected. Scenes of chaos are emerging from China’s Hubei Province and it is sprawling capital Wuhan – the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak since December 2019.

As reported by Financial Times, the clampdown on media and information about the virus has allowed the disease to spread far widely with the number of cases reaching 12 in the United States, as of Wednesday.

As Beijing and Taiwan become the next targets, the Chinese government has ordered authorities in Wuhan to set up mass quarantine centers for infected residents.

US and China Clash Intensifies Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency over the outbreak. However, it does not yet constitute a ‘pandemic’ or the worldwide spread of new diseases, BBC reported citing WHO.

Political tensions between the US and China, around the same time, are increasing, as the former urges the WHO to ‘directly engage’ with self-governing Taiwan in a fight against the new disease on Thursday.

In response, China’s delegation expressed ‘strong dissatisfaction’ and accused Taiwan’s governing party for exploiting the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to accelerate the state’s independence, Financial Times reported.

Currently, 13 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Taiwan, which has temporarily suspended the entry of citizens from mainland China. The state’s health ministry has also announced to prohibit all international cruise ships from its port.

Japan Suspends Flight to Beijing, India Confirms the Third Case

As the human cost of the novel coronavirus outbreak is climbing across China and beyond, public health officials are attempting to contain the virus, while organizations are taking immediate measures.

On Thursday, CNBC reported that Japan Airlines would suspend some flights to Shanghai and Beijing routes until February 16, 2020. More flights will be suspended from the following day, while flight frequency from Tokyo to Guangzhou and Dalian routes would be reduced, the news added.

Coronavirus is sending ripples of fear across the globe, especially in Asian countries including India. On Monday, a third person who returned from the Wuhan University was diagnosed with the disease in Kerala, India, compelling the state to declare the novel coronavirus a ‘calamity’. Following the steps of many countries, India has suspended all visas issued to Chinese nationals before February 5.

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