Feed Enzymes Market Grows On Back Of Favorable Government Regulations, Says FMI

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. – Animal feeds are key investment areas in animal culture sector, accounting for 3/5th of overall production expenses. Conventional antibiotics pose the risk of adversely affecting food chain, as such, the EU (European Union) has enacted ban on application of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed industry. Feed enzymes have emerged as an ideal alternative for improving feed digestibility, and production capacity of livestock. In addition, manufacturers are focusing on development of species-specific feed enzymes aiding animals throughout their lifespan.

Owing to increasing production of poultry and fisheries, feed enzymes market of North America and Asia Pacific exclusive Japan (APEJ) are set to generate worthwhile returns. Further, FMI’s new business intelligence study reveals that global feed enzymes market is estimated to reach ~US$ 1 Bn in 2019, and is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR over forecast period (2019 – 2027).

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Carbohydrase- and Protease-Based Feed Enzymes Leading the Way

FMI reveals that carbohydrase-based feed enzymes will remain sought-after feed material over period of projection. Carbohydrase-based feed enzymes aid in increasing energy content efficiently from feed ingredients. Carbohydrase enzymes, including amylase, support digestion of starch present in corn. Further, xylanase is majorly used in wheat-based compound feeds for poultry to tackle anti-nutritional properties of NSP (Non‐Starch Polysaccharides).

On the other hand, protease-based feed enzymes are expected to showcase fastest demand growth, finds FMI. Protease breaks down protein-bound starch within feed material. In addition, they are helpful in eliminating protein anti-nutrients present in ingredients, such as soybean meal.

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Demand Upsurge in Poultry Farming and Aquaculture

Demand for feed enzymes will be significant from poultry farming and aquaculture on back of reduced feed cost, and efficient usage of raw materials. Studies suggest that consumption of animal protein is expected to grow within next two decades, primarily represented by poultry and eggs. Further, players are targeting poultry market of Japan and South Asian countries owing to increasing production of broilers.

Rising fisheries and farming practices are fueling the demand for feed enzymes in aquaculture, suggests FMI. The market of fish farming is projected to grow at promising rate. In addition, aquaculture runners are leveraging sustainable farming techniques in order to curb overutilization of fishery resources, thereby boosting the demand for feed enzymes.

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Analysts at FMI suggest that “Application of antibiotics conventionally at therapeutic stages are resulting in concerns regarding their adverse effects on overall food chain. Manufacturers are turning to alternative materials, such as feed enzymes, that enhance livestock efficiency in tandem with reduced environmental degradation.”

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