Rising Incidents of Lactose Intolerance Boost Non-Dairy Yogurt Sales, Says FMI

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. – As per the National Institute of Health, around 65% of the worldwide population is lactose intolerant, while the Food Allergy Research & Education computes that ~2.5% of infants below the age of 3 are allergic to milk, as of 2019. Citing the figures, demand for lactose-free and plant-sourced non-dairy yogurt is substantially increasing incorporating ingredients, including soy, almond, and coconut.

Recent studies are discovering a balance between flavors that consumers find familiar and comforting in tandem with flavors that satiate their urge for a flavor venture. At present, the fad of exotic and new flavors is intensifying swiftly in food & beverages sector, influencing manufacturers to introduce mouth-watering and plant-derived non-dairy yogurt consisting of flavors, such as carrot, squash, and beet.

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Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ) remains the Mecca of non-dairy yogurt market growth owing to voluminous portion of lactose-intolerant individuals. As per FMI, the global non-dairy yogurt market is anticipated to grow at a promising CAGR of ~5% throughout forecast period (2019-2029), pegging ~US$ 10 Bn.

Soy Non-Dairy Yogurt at Forefront

According to FMI, soy-based yogurt has been leading the pack in non-dairy yogurt market with ~80% since the past five years. Soy-based non-dairy yogurt consists of lowest fat content versus majority of its plant-based rivals. The principal ingredient, soy, is a complete protein source, which implies it envelopes every essential amino acid.

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Soy is one of the higher-protein options for substitute milk items. Studies opine that a cup of soy milk comprises of nearly 9 grams of protein. In addition, myriads of soy non-dairy yogurt are complemented with vitamins and minerals, as such, consumers can receive around 30 percent of the regular intake of vitamin D as well as calcium.  

Surging Preference for Organic Non-Dairy Yogurt

With the trend of veganism taking charge across the world, consumers are seeking plant-sourced food & beverages. They keep a constant eye on the insights of the product, such as origin, and animal welfare issues, as part of their buying journey. Organic non-dairy yogurt easily align with the behavior, although it is yet to become the mainstay.

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As consumers are getting aware about unwelcomed effects of products comprising of chemicals, they are tectonically shifting towards clean label items. Market players are promptly responding to the shifting pattern by channelizing distribution of non-dairy yogurt via retail stores. Furthermore, they are revealing insights regarding the products to ensure improved consumer experience along with enhanced brand reputation.

Organic non-dairy yogurt, as compared to its conventional counterpart, is estimated to contribute to a third of worldwide market value in 2019, finds FMI. Further, the share is projected to inflate in the upcoming years, outreaching US$ 3 Bn by 2029 end.

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Analysts at FMI suggest that “With the rise of lactose intolerant demographics across the globe, consumers are shifting towards milk alternatives, such as non-dairy yogurt. However, individuals allergic to nuts and seeds tend to remain a prolonged challenge confronted by non-dairy yogurt market forces. Further, the market of non-dairy yogurt is expected to mushroom on grounds of intensifying demand for plant-based products

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