Lip Powder Market to Reach US$ 592 Mn by 2027-End

The lip powder market is young and has a high growth potential in the beauty and personal care product market. Lip powder is considered the latest trend or evolution in lipsticks. Lip powders have several advantages over conventional lipsticks, which are among the key factors driving their popularity among women. The existence of modern-age technology is resulting in the introduction of innovative solutions, especially in the beauty segment, which encourage a large number of people who are interested in trying out new products to adopt lip powder. Moreover, the presence of a large number of players has already started intense competition in the lip powder market, as a result of which they are introducing new and innovative products to stay ahead in the competition.

Overview of the Global Lip Powder Market

A recent study published by FMI on the global lip powder market will record a steady growth during the forecast period 2018-2027. The report includes critical market insights based on the crucial information about the latest activities by the leading suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in the global lip powder market. The market study published by FMI provides the most requisite data about the factors that can make a significant impact on the growth of the global lip powder market. Leading players, stakeholders, and new entrants in the market can plan right business strategies and follow a correct decision-making process.

Segmentation of the Global Lip Powder Market

The lip powder market is primarily segmented based on form, end user, and sales channel. The Asia Pacific excluding Japan segment is expected to hold a major market share of the lip powder market during the forecast period. Based on form, the market is segmented into palettes and pens. The pens category is the strongest segment and holds a major share of the market in the lip powder product category. Based on end user, the lip powder market is categorized as under 18, up to 30, up to 45, and above 45. Based on the sales channel, the lip powder market is categorised as direct selling, specialty outlets, supermarkets/hypermarkets, convenience stores, beauty stores, e-retailers, and others.

This section of the market report provides a thorough information about drivers, opportunities, as well as restraints that are impacting the growth prospects of the global lip powder market. The crucial information provided in this section can help market players in taking well-informed decisions and planning business strategies. The report contains a detailed analysis of the effects of macroeconomic factors associated with the leading manufacturers and distributors on the growth of the market.

In the last section of the report, readers and market players can find critical information about major market players and notable developments in the global lip powder market. The concluding section discusses company overview, major collaborations, mergers, and company sizes, which provides readers with the most imperative insights.

Competitive Outlook of the Global Lip Powder Market

Leading manufacturers in the market are focusing on investing in research and development for new products. The changing prefernces of the consumers is fuelling the growth of the lip powder market. However, the uncomfortness of consumers to try out new lip powder is high as women feel that applying powder on lips can be either harmful or too loud or dramatic for daily usage.

Apart from product launch of lip powder, leading market players are investing in marketing and promotions of the lip powders on various medias. Protraying a brand ambassador or a good-will image for advertising the product is one such strategy opted by the leading manufacturers to promote their brand usage. Leading market players are leveraging collaborations and partnerships to establish a stronger position in the competitive landscape of the global lip powder market. With the help of imperative information about drivers, restraints, and trends in the global lip powder market, the market study published by FMI provides helpful information to manufacturers and distributors.

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