Global Electric Scooters Market to Grow at a Gradual Pace during the Forecast Years

The global electric scooters market has witnessed increased interest in the last couple of decades, resulting in a steady growth at a modest pace in recent years. This can be attributed to the global push for reduced dependency on fossil fuels, which has had a positive impact on the electric scooters market. The study by Future Market Insights on the prospective growth of the market estimates that the electric scooters industry is likely to grow at a moderate 3% globally, during the course of the forecast period.

With the consistent rise in fuel prices and demand for energy independence becoming the front and centre focus of both manufacturers and consumers, the acceptance and adoption of electric scooters is only set to swell.

Energy Independence and Electric Scooters Market

The global push for sustainability has permeated every industry, and most significantly vehicles and transportation, and the changing focus of companies worldwide on to electric modes of transport is expected to have an impact on the electric scooters market. This comes on the back on increasing awareness about the negative impact on the environment, which has pushed manufacturers into continuously investing in research and development for reduced the emission of greenhouse gases.

There is also a rapidly growing consumer trend for energy independence, which is also a key factor in the prospective growth of the electric scooters market. Manufacturers are increasingly moving towards solutions that are more environment friendly and that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, to cater to the needs of individual users. They are also looking to disconnect from the power grid, and consuming and storing electricity which can be produced through several generation methods for electric vehicles.

Regional Analysis of the Global Market

The low cost of maintenance is one of the biggest factors that is contributing to the growth of the electric scooters market globally. With internal combustion engines that improve the operational efficiency, and increasing focus on the improving the aesthetics of these vehicles, electric scooters are getting increasingly prevalent around the world.

As the current scenario stands, the permeation of electric vehicles is the largest in developed countries and their markets, with the regional market for electric scooters in Europe holding the largest share in the global market. This popularity of electric scooters in this region can be attributed to encouragement from various governments and initiatives undertaken by organisations that highlight the environmental benefits of electric vehicles leading to the consumer awareness, which is propelling the market.

However, according to this study on electric scooters, by Future Market Insights, the Asia Pacific except Japan region is anticipated to become a prominent region in the foreseeable future due to rise in the production and demand for electric vehicles.

Negligible Emissions and Future of the Market

In the case of other transportation vehicles, diesel- and gasoline tailpipe emissions continues to be a major cause of concern. This is opening up hereto unexplored opportunities for manufacturers in the industry due to the negligible amounts of pollution that is emitted by electric scooters, as they continue to fuel the global electric scooters market.

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