The Global Carbon Brush Market Set to Expand Modestly Due to Varied Industrial Applications

The global carbon brush market, according to the recent report by Future Market Insights, has witnessed modest growth due to the rising demand from industrial applications, automotive and electrical hand tools in the past few years. And with the demand for better quality and on-time replacement of carbon brushes becoming centre stage for manufacturers’ focus globally, this trend is likely to stay the same during the forecast period, with the market growing at a modest pace of approximately 4%.

There has been a global increase in manufacturing across industries in recent years to keep pace with consumer demands, especially industrial applications, automotive, electrical goods, household appliances, energy, and healthcare, among others. This has led to a rapid and evident demand for carbon brushes that are generally used to conduct electrical current between the stationary and rotating parts of a motor, fuelling the growth of the market landscape. The market was valued over US$ 2,500 Mn in the year 2018, and is expected to rise steadily in the near future.

Applications of Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes have been used extensively across several end-use industries in a variety of applications. Some of these more significant industries include automotive and electrical hand tools, security and defence, petrochemicals, energy, and healthcare, industrial applications, household appliances among others. According to this report by Future Market Insights, the industrial application of carbon brushes is expected to hold more than a third of the total value share in the market. However, the demand for carbon brushes from healthcare is rising rapidly and is projected to becoming significant over the duration of the forecast period, opening up opportunities for players in the landscape. Manufacturers are looking to expand their product portfolio to include innovations that cater to the individual needs of all these applications and end users.

Based on the type of carbon brush, this study estimates that top selling product, electro graphite carbon brushes will continue to hold sway in the market landscape, and silver graphite carbon brushes are expected to witness slow adoption in the foreseeable future.

An Analysis of the Global Carbon Brush Market 

The global carbon brush market is understood to be a fairly consolidated landscape with the a fourth of the share being accounted by the top four companies. And while domestic players continue to hold sway in the regional markets, few players have expanded past the region to get established in the global level as well. Due to the rise in manufacturing in general, there has been increased demand for carbon brushes from the regional markets of Asia, coming mostly from China. While East Asia remains a lucrative market, opportunities are opening up for players in the market in North America, including countries such as the U.S. and Canada, making them potential profitable markets in the near future as well. Manufacturers are looking to take advantage of this to make significant inroads into these regional  markets to gain and maintain a steady foothold in the landscape

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