Novel Application Fields & Expanding Use of Autonomous Cars & Drones are Trending the Global GPS Tracker Market

The worldwide market for GPS trackers is seeing a colossal development because of the rise of new applications that utilize the GPS trackers system. The market is likewise expected to observe extended revenue development in conventional applications, for example, keeping assets from robbery. On the other hand, non-standard items will consistently be a worry in this market because of the low quality associated with tracking. This high revenue development is credited to conventional uses of GPS trackers in addition to the advancement of novel applications in the market and rise of niche market players.

Governments ought to concentrate on presenting more satellites to enhance the precision of location and navigation detection given by GPS trackers. GPS tracker producers must concentrate on producing the non-standard trackers and high standard trackers accessible in the market with low quality ought to be restricted. Awareness amid populace and organizations ought to be expanded considering all the potential benefits given by GPS trackers. For effective execution of GPS trackers in novel applications, appropriate R&D ought to be led.

There are various types of GPS tracker available in the market such as advance trackers, OBD trackers, and standalone trackers. Of these, the advanced trackers are projected to reflect higher market attractiveness index in the approaching years. Based on industry, the worldwide market is categorized into construction, transportation and logistics, defense, government, healthcare, energy & utilities, others (Telecom, Media and Entertainment, BFSI). The transportation and logistics category, on the basis of value, is anticipated to remain the most attractive in the worldwide market for GPS Tracker in the approaching years. The energy & utility category is also anticipated to record higher Y-o-Y expansion rates all through the anticipated phase. In terms of the application, the fleet management is projected to reflect higher market attractiveness in the worldwide GPS trackers amid, asset Management and others (wearable devices, pets wearable devices, etc.). in the approaching years.

Novel GPS trackers applications are growing in Western Europe. The utilization in laser aimed darts is a new idea that got accomplishment after its testing. Such territories of utilizations, getting built up effectively and now should be exposed to the populace. For example, During June 2017, in Belgium, the Waterloo police utilized GPS trackers to follow a truck. The police discovered the laser- aimed darts a more secure choice to pursue. This advanced innovation was deployed first. GPS tracking is yet in early on phases of its application in the aviation sector. The postponement in the conveyance of right snippet of data is a noteworthy downside of this application, which is especially basic in regions such as Eastern Europe, where pilots need to work in regions with the flimsy association. This is rousing the few organizations to launch exclusive standard GPS trackers which can be useful in the aviation sector. During February 2017, a Russian helicopter administrator, UTair-Helicopter services, initiated GPS tracking over its whole fleet. These trackers screen aircraft developments and hence progress in the direction of improving aircraft security

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