Progress in Interventional Pulmonology Open Floodgates for Cutting-edge Bronchoscopes

Technological advancements in the medical field especially over the last couple of decades have revolutionized the healthcare sector in many ways. Further, diagnostic techniques and medical treatments have also undergone significant transformation in the last few years. In addition, ongoing research activities have also played an imperative role in redefining numerous conventional diagnostic and treatment techniques in the medical sector. At present, owing to the significant impact of technology, diagnostic capabilities of interventional bronchoscopy techniques have enhanced. In addition, several key breakthroughs in interventional pulmonary diagnostics have enhanced the evaluation of irregular thoracic findings and thus, reduced the need for invasive procedures in patients with issues in the lungs.

The bronchoscopes market is expected to grow at a steady pace in the upcoming years largely influenced by several key drivers including, surge in the geriatric population, notable development of the global healthcare infrastructure, and increase in the number of screen rates among others. Further, progress in pulmonology interventional procedures have played an imperative role in improving the diagnosis of lung cancer and providing answers for the unsolved puzzle of undiagnosed lymph nodes.  The evolution of bronchoscopy in the 21st century has majorly impacted the growth of the bronchoscopes market in the last few years – a trend expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

 Breakthroughs in Interventional Pulmonology Create Demand for Advanced Bronchoscopes

Interventional pulmonology is one of the latest developments in pulmonary medicine in which endoscopy along with various other tools are used to assess and treat disorders in the chest and lungs. One of the major benefits of interventional pulmonary diagnosis is that it significantly prevents the need for invasive surgery. Moreover, prior to the adoption of interventional pulmonary diagnosis, a chest wall surgery was essential to remove lymph nodes from the chest. Recent technological advancements are playing an imperative role in reshaping the current interventional pulmonary techniques. For instance, the advent of Endobronchial ultrasound system (EBUS) was a major breakthrough in the field of pulmonology. Further, EBUS enhanced the degree of precision in lymph node biopsy owing to an ultrasound probe located at the tip of the bronchoscope. Another, remarkable advancement that garnered significant attention was electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy in which bronchoscopes have improved capabilities in comparison with the conventional bronchoscopes. This technique is widely used to perform biopsy of areas within the lung that are hard-to-reach and demand invasive testing. Thus, as interventional pulmonary diagnosis continues to progress at a brisk pace, the demand for advanced bronchoscopes with enhanced functionalities has surged in the last few years.

 Single-use Bronchoscopes – A Sterile and Cost-effective Alternative for Reusable Bronchoscopes

At present, bronchoscopes are one of the most common medical tools in hospitals worldwide. However, if the reusable bronchoscopes are not cleaned properly, it enhances the chances of infection by a large margin. However, recent studies have revealed that reusable bronchoscopes that need to be cleaned continually cost more than the sterile single-use bronchoscopes in the long run. In addition, there were several other alarming findings that indicated that the bronchoscopes were not cleaned by certified personnel and reprocessing did not comply with the required guidelines and standards. Further, hospitals invested a large amount of resources in reprocessing which proved to be expensive. Thus, in the last few years, as awareness regarding the cost benefits of single-use bronchoscopes is on the rise, the demand for the sterile and cost-effective single-use bronchoscope has heightened.

The future of the bronchoscope market is likely to be driven by new innovations and advances in technology. Further, research in the field of interventional pulmonology is expected to pave path for state-of-the-art bronchoscopes. Medical instrument manufacturers are leveraging the advancements in technology to develop innovative bronchoscopes for the diagnosis and treatment of lung problems.

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