Liquid Particle Counter Segment is expected to Exhibit a High Revenue Share in the Particle Counter Market during 2019-2028

The particle counter is an instrument used for monitoring indoor air quality in workplaces and clean rooms, as a particle counter determines the concentration of particles in the air. The particle counters are segmented on the basis of the modularity type, product type, technology type, industry and region. On the basis of modularity type, it includes benchtop, portable, and handheld. On the basis of the product type, it includes airborne, liquid, dust particle counters, and others. On the basis of the technology type, it includes online and offline particle counters. On the basis of the industry, it includes healthcare and pharmaceutical, oil & gas, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace, others.

There is increasing demand for the liquid particle counters in the oil & gas industries. In the oil & gas industry, the particle counters are used for hygiene control of liquid based hydraulic solutions and for contamination examination of injected water. Also, the liquid particle counters are used in the aerospace industry to determine the kerosene compliance with the DEF STAN 91-91 and IP 577 standards or barely inflammable hydraulic fluids. Along with that, there is increasing demand for the liquid particle counters in the field of waste water and process water to determine the quality of water and also increasing demand to detect the floc sizes in water treatment plants.

Various factors are impacting to the overall growth of the market. The key factor driving the growth of the particle counter market is the increasing use of the particle counters in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Particles in pharmaceutical fluids are counted in compliance with the pharmaceutical standards.

Apart from the driving factors of particle counter market, there are few factors that are likely to hamper the overall growth of the particle counter market. The high cost associated benchtop particle counters, high maintenance cost associated with the portable and handheld particle counter are among the major factors that are estimated to hinder the growth of the market.

However, there are regional variations to this trend. The North America is expected to hold the prominent share in particle counter market due to increasing prevalence of the pharmaceutical sector. And in Middle East and Africa there is increasing demand for the liquid particle counters in the oil & gas industries. These factors are propelling the growth of the particle counter market.

Some of the prominent vendors are primarily focusing on inventing and introducing new and advanced products. Prominent vendors in the market are focusing on acquisitions and collaborations. For example, in FEB-2019, the Beckman Coulter one of the prominent manufacturer of the particle counter, Enters Liquid Biopsy Partnership with Apostle Inc. for increasing the product portfolio of the company and to improve the product portfolio. Also, in JAN-2019, the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Acquires Labcyte to Expand Laboratory Automation Business.

North America is estimated to be a prominent region in the global particle counter market because of presence of a well-developed pharmaceutical and healthcare sector and numerous technological improvements in the region. The increasing spending on healthcare and pharmaceutical is also responsible for the boosting the growth of the particle counter market in North America.

The report tracks some of the key companies operating in the market, such as Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Airy Technology, PAMAS, RION Co., Ltd, Climet Instruments Company, Chemtrac Systems, Inc., Hach, Met One Instruments Inc, Cole Parmer, Zinter Handling Inc., Fluke Corporation, FLIR, and Kanomax. There are several other companies operating in the particle counter market.  

Beckman Coulter, PCE Instruments, TSI Inc., and Spectris Company are estimated to capture a prominent share of the particle counter market. These tier 1 companies hold a share of approximately 45% in the market.

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