Low Production Costs Favorable for Growth of Non-dairy Creamer Market

Also known as tea or coffee whiteners, non-dairy creamers are granular or liquid products, that are commonly used as a substitute for milk or cream, in a number of beverages including hot chocolate, tea, and more. They are identified as being non-dairy owing to the fact that they do not contain lactose. However, some of these creamers may contain casein, which is also a milk protein.

Modern non-dairy creamers are being developed with additional flavors to meet the needs of the palates of a broader demographic. In addition, these products provide the advantage of having long shelf life, without the need for any refrigeration equipment.

The market for non-dairy creamers is being driven by strong demand from food and beverage processing industries in addition to frequent use in businesses belonging to the food service industry. Other major influencers to affect this market can include factors such as:

  1. The culture of coffee consumption is rapidly growing in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific regions, which were previously known to have tea drinking populations. This trend has boosted the use of instant coffee mixtures, which commonly make use of non-dairy creamers to enhance the experience of the consumer. This is also supported by the increased production rates of non-dairy creamers in the region.
  2. The easy production and high availability of non-dairy creamers has made this product a mainstream additive in a number of processed foods and beverages around the globe, including formulations such as soup premixes, ready-to-drink beverages, bakery products, and ice creams among others. The high availability has resulted in competitive pricing, which is further encouraging the growth of the market.

On the other hand, the global non-dairy creamer market is also set to face significant challenges in penetrating developing countries. This can be attributed to lack of awareness about these products in addition to the poor interest in trends such as veganism and dairy alternatives, which minimizes the use of non-dairy creamers in favor of conventional milk. However, this constraint is offset to an extent by fluctuations in milk prices.

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