Applications in Multiple Industrial Verticals Help in Growth of the Stretch Hood Films Market

Stretch hood films are gaining popularity as an affordable and reliable packaging solution for a wide range of products, with the objective of minimizing damage to the contents during logistics and transportation procedures. Similar to conventional stretch films in most ways, this material makes use of heat for tight packing of the pallets, thereby reducing overall packaging cost, and increasing the popularity of products in the global stretch hood films market.

Stretch hood films are mostly made from low density polyethylene or linear low density polyethylene. This method of production reduces the cost of the product and also provides the additional advantage of allowing the film to be used on a wider range of pallet configurations, thereby finding use in a number of industrial verticals including cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics among others.

Some of the other factors that are projected to assist in the growth of the stretch hood films market in for the foreseeable future can include:

  1. Manufacturers are focusing their efforts on expanding their business activities to countries in Latin America and the Asia Pacific excluding Japan regions, attributable to the high penetration nature of these markets, which is also supported by rapid expansion of end use industries and high growth rates of local economies.
  2. The system needed for stretch hood film applications is completely automated, which is a key factor in favor of the market in terms of productivity. On the other hand, the machinery requires high initial investments, and the equipment is not very portable, which also increases the costs associated with the procedure. These are key restraining factors that are expected to hamper the growth of the stretch hood films market for the foreseeable future.

Unlike conventional stretch wrap or shrink film materials, stretch hood films offer packaging operations the ability to protect the goods from all sides, providing maximum protection from dust and moisture. The growth of the market is further augmented by sustainability initiatives which makes use of recovered plastics as the raw material for producing stretch hood films, creating a positive outlook for the future of the market.

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